It’s All About Balance

Ok, time for some Hector-isms regarding weight-loss, exercise, and the such. These are just some simple fitness and battle of the bulge tips to keep in mind. My clients hear the following from me over, and over, and over again.

1. Women, mujeres, muchachas, you cannot eat like a man unless you want to weigh what a man weighs. Why can’t you eat like a man ladies? Because on average, men are bigger/taller than women, and men carry more muscle mass than women. Being taller and carrying more muscle mass allows for more calorie consumption. So ladies, every time you sit down to eat with a man who is bigger than you, make sure your plate’s amount doesn’t match his.


2. Women, you cannot drink  as many adult drinks as a man does for the same reasons I just stated above. If your male friend has 10 beers over the weekend, and you do to, you will pay the price more than he will, in the form of fat accumulation.

3. Women, lifting weights will not make you buff or bulky. To be buff or bulky you would have to be really, really strong. Like WAAAAYYYYYY stronger than you probably are right now. Very few women have the genetic predisposition to get bulky/buff. If it was that easy to be buff, you would see buff men everywhere, and that is simply not the case. Ladies, don’t be afraid of getting strong.


And now for my compadres, the men.

4. Vigorous exercise helps circulation/blood flow to all parts of the human body. Good blood flow helps your friend downstairs stand at attention. Get it!!!

5. Men, if you’re not sure if you have gained weight in the form of eff-aye-tee in the last 10 years, there is a simple way to find out. Go find a pair of pants and a shirt that fit you well ten years ago and try them on. If they are super tight or don’t even fit, you have gained weight. The four things that don’t lie about weight gain are clothing, the mirror, the scale, and children. If a child says “you’ve gained weight”, you probably have. I once was told by a kid that I have big ears, and guess what, I have big ears. But that’s ok because guess what they say about men with big ears? They say we hear well. (Get your brain out the gutter).

6. Men, do you like how women look who workout? You like a nice firm and toned body?  Well guess what? Women like how men look who workout too. You don’t believe me, just ask a few of your female amigas.

7. Men, take advantage of the testosterone you produce naturally and do resistance training. Your body will thank you for it, and you might build some muscle too.

Now some Hector-isms for everyone.

8. Just because you can stomach it, doesn’t mean you should eat it. Think junk food.

9. Your stomach is not a garbage can.

10. Do you have a car? Do you take your car in for its maintenance and scheduled tune ups? Well, guess que? Your body is a much more complicated piece of machinery than a car, so give it its tune-ups too, in the form of exercise, and provide it with clean fuel/food while you’re at it. You can always replace a car, but the last time I checked, you get one body. Yep, just one. True Dat!!!


11. You don’t run on batteries. If you’re constantly tired and addicted to caffeine, check your food quality and sleep amounts.

Sleep is the best meditation Dalai Lama quotes

12. And finally, I believe life is about balance. Go ahead, have fun, eat some pizza, drink some beer, stay up late, but make sure you balance it out by eating clean, drinking water, exercising, and getting your sleep.




Group Exercise

Happy New Year!! I know, I know, it’s already the 5th of January, but better late than never, right?

Guess how I’ve been bringing in the New Year? I will give you some hints: a runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, headache, body ache, and just feeling overall crappy. Yep, you guessed it. Healthy Homeboy is not so healthy today. I have the flu. For you edge-a-macated folks, I have influenza. Yuck!!! My symptoms began on January 2nd, in the evening.

I scoured my thesaurus and dictionary for the perfect word to describe influenza, found it!! Sucks. Yes, the flu sucks. But I will keep this post positive, like all my posts, and talk about positive experiences I had with my personal training business last year. (One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stay away from negativity and be as positive as possible).

By far, without a doubt, the best experience I had last year with my personal training business was, and continues to be, group training.

It all started in the spring with a group a women who wanted to exercise together and needed a trainer to monitor and push them. I obliged. We agreed to train outdoors at 6am twice per week. Before I knew it, they were doing weighted sled pulls, running and sprinting, push-ups, lunges, and everything else I asked of them. workout-collage

The group stayed together through spring, summer, fall, and now winter. We are no longer outdoors though. It’s muy frio. So we have taken the bootcamp indoors. Guess what some of my neighborhood bootcamp crew asked me to do for them on January 1, 2015? They asked me to run a bootcamp for them. What!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Even some of the husbands showed up. To top it off, the bootcamp we did was outdoors, because our indoor facility was closed on January 1st. Through a camera lens the day was beautiful, but physically, it was a bit cold. Here are some action shots.

Flutter kicks for abs. This was after jogging, sprinting, sled pulls, lunges, squat and press, and whatever else I had my motivated New Year’s day bootcamp crew do. (If any of you are observant enough to notice that one of the participants is wearing flip-flops, good job. No, she did not do the bootcamp in flip-flops. Exercising on a muddy field in flip-flops is a safety hazard).


Push-ups to focus on triceps. (Elbows close to body).


And after the torture, I mean bootcamp, they all had protein shakes that I made for them. Trust me, they were protein shakes, despite what the red cups might allude to.


Even my sisters, Norma and Vicky, who were visiting from Florida and Cali, showed up for the bootcamp. Everyone said the protein shakes hit the spot.

Thank you, Stonegate bootcamp particpants. You all gave me and continue to give me OJT, on the job training, when it comes to group training, and I love it. Keep up the great work. And remember ladies, strong is the new skinny. (I challenge any man over 40 to do as many push-ups as the lady on the right can. How many can she do? It’s more than 40). strong-beautiful-women

And to my UCG workout crew, your story will be next.

The “F” Word

Let’s talk about the F word. No, not the 4 letter one that you say when you stub your toe, hit traffic on your way to an event you were supposed to be early for, or when your favorite team loses the SuperBowl. Sorry about that Denver Bronco fans. I’m talking about the three-letter one, as in F-A-T. Oh, that F word.

What is fat? Fat is just energy for use by the body. So if I eat a bacon-avocado double cheeseburger, which will be loaded with fat, I will  be consuming plenty of energy.

bacon burger

And here’s where shit goes crazy. If you don’t use the burger above, that looks like it easily goes over 1,000 calories, for energy by moving, it will be stored as fat on your body for future use. Your body doesn’t know that you live in a time where food is everywhere and available all da time? It probably still thinks you’re a hunter gatherer, so it stores energy on your body as fat, for times of little or no food. I believe this is called scarcity.


Look at the bear above. He will fatten up on salmon because he will go with no food for months during his hibernation. But we are not bears, despite the fact that I have eaten like one on several occasions. We do not hibernate either, as much as some of us would like too. And we absolutely do not need to fatten up, for health purposes.

And for all you vegetarians out there, please know that you can gain weight without eating meat. Anyone who consumes pasta, bread, cookies, home-made fruit juices, and sodas, and doesn’t burn those calories/energy off through movement, will also gain weight in the form of fat.

Now that does not mean that a calorie is just a calorie either. A slice of your favorite pie and a piece of chicken do not have the same effect on your body. Chicken is loaded with amino acids for muscle repair and most pies are loaded with sugar. If a calorie is just a calorie, then why can diabetics eat certain foods but are advised to reduce or eliminate others? Different foods effect our bodies in different ways.

But no matter the food, whether carbohydrate, protein, or fat, if your body does not use it as energy, it unfortunately will not poop it out. It will be stored as fat on your body. Any of you who own pets know this is also true with them. Give your pet too much food and not enough exercise, and he will gain weight. By the way, if you take super care of your dog, do the same for yourself too. You and your dog will be grateful.

Lean Boxer.

Boxer Dog04

And not so lean Boxer.

Bichon maltais blanc assis & coquin sur fond blanc

The not so lean Boxer above does not have a thyroid issue either. Do dogs even have thyroid glands? Wait, just Googled it. They do have thyroid glands.

So if you are trying to lose weight, try to view the excess weight on your body as excess energy and not the defeating F word. That excess energy is waiting to be burned off. The best way to do that is to reduce your calories so your body can feed itself with its own fat, and to move, so it can further feed itself the energy it needs to accomplish your exercise activity of choice.

When people say “We need to burn the fat off” what they are really saying is “We need to move and reduce our calorie intake so that our bodies can feed on its own fat like a hibernating bear in Alaska”.


I know we all have different reasons for consuming food. One of the worst reasons is for the hell of it. Our body needs food for the same reasons animals do, to survive. Nature hardwired us that way. What nature didn’t do is equip us with a mechanism that lets us know when we are full and should stop eating. That would be great, wouldn’t it? If while you were eating pizza and chicken wings slathered in some dipping sauce, and you reached your calorie allotment for the day a big DING! sound would go off in your brain telling you that you are full and you should stop eating. And there’s not even an app for that. There are apps to help you track your calorie intake, but only you can tell you when to stop eating.

stop-eating.jpg w=298


Answers to Some Common Weight Loss, Food, and Exercise Questions

1. What’s better for us, walking on a treadmill or walking outside?

Anyone I have trained is probably tired of me begging them, I mean, advising them to walk outside. Walking outdoors is good for you, you get fresh air, you burn calories, you might see something interesting, and you can’t press stop, and stop walking like you can a treadmill. But the biggest difference that I see between walking outdoors and walking on a treadmill is that the treadmill band moves for you, and the ground outdoors does not move for you. Because the treadmill band moves, it moves your legs for you quite a bit, so the amount of leg force used to walk 3 mph on a treadmill is not the same as walking 3 mph outdoors on flat non-moving ground.

Treadmills are a great option for bad weather and to create inclines/hills, but whenever possible, walk outside.


2. Do protein shakes aid weight loss?

Fruit smoothies

Protein shakes only help weight loss if they REPLACE a meal, but many people consume them in addition to what they already eat. It takes discipline to say “I am only having a protein shake for lunch”, and it takes even more discipline to actually do it.

3. Healthy Homeboy, were you overweight as a child, or ever, and if not, how did you learn to be lean and in shape?

This is a very common and fair question that I get from friends and clients that have battled their weight for much of their lives. I have always been lean, always. I started having visible abs, yes like a six-pack, in my teens, and even at my current age of 41, my ab muscles are visible. My mother, bless her heart and may she rest in peace, was very strict about food with my siblings and me.

My mother was a house keeper/cleaning lady for wealthy people in Los Angeles for at least 30 years. Because she did some of the grocery shopping and cooking for them, she saw how their children ate. So when I was very young, my mother naturally thought “If it’s good enough for a doctor’s or lawyer’s son or daughter, it’s good enough for my children”, and she fed my brother, sister, and me similar foods she saw upper class children eat. So from a young age I was eating oatmeal (like real oatmeal, not the 1 minute type), eggs, chicken, fish, shrimp, fruits as snacks and dessert, rice, and vegetables. I hated vegetables. My mother and father worked hard to feed my siblings and I healthy. I was even eating multi grain bread back in the late 70’s! Gluten intolerance be damned!!


Just as important as what I ate as a child, are the things I didn’t eat. We rarely, if ever had soda in the house. My mother was very strict about that. I am not sure how she knew that soda and sugar laden foods weren’t the best things for a growing child, but she knew. Fast food was a rarity in our house, but once in while we did have pizza (Like 2 times per year. Seriously!). I was allowed 3 small ass cookies a day, and if I went over my cookie allotment, that was my ass! Unless it was a special occasion, like birthday parties or some holiday, we rarely had ice cream or cake.

My mother worked more than full-time, and somehow found energy to cook for 3 children at the end of the day. WTF! Oh yeah, my brother, sister, and I couldn’t sit still and we were always on the move playing inside and outdoors when we could, so that helped us all stay lean.

So I guess that growing up, I didn’t eat crap or drink crap, and I was active. And decades later, that “stay lean” formula still works.

4. Is it necessary to workout to lose weight? No it is not. Yes, you read that correctly. Now let me be clear. Working out with weights and doing cardio will accelerate weight loss and has a bunch of health benefits like strengthening your heart, bones, and muscles. But if someone doesn’t want to workout out at all and wants to lose weight, it can be done by restricting calorie intake to 1,500 to 2,00o per day. I would guess that the average amount of calories consumed by an American adult battling weight issues is somewhere in the 3,000 range, if not more. But yes, you can lose weight without exercise. I can’t believe I just wrote that.


5. We all know eating healthy is important, but is there any other “tricks of the trade” you have for helping people lose weight? Yes I do have some extra ammo for your weight loss efforts. For dinner try to have vegetables, a protein, and water. That’s it! You can’t eat more. Your insulin levels will thank you. The calories will be low, and you won’t wake up burping last nights gargantuan meal. If you have ever woke up, and you were still stuffed from the meal you had the previous night, YOU ATE WAY TOO MUCH!


Here are some more helpful weight-loss tidbits.

Ladies, don’t eat like a man, unless you want to weigh what a man weighs.

Ladies, don’t drink like a man, unless you want to weigh what a man weighs.

Just because you can stomach something, doesn’t mean you should be drinking or eating it.

Your stomach is not a trash can.

Don’t treat your pet’s health better than you treat your own.

When an overweight dog loses weight, they almost always feel better and have more energy. The same goes for humans.

Humans were born to move. Why do you think we have so many muscles on our bodies?

Food is energy. Fat on the body is just excess stored energy that we consumed, and it’s waiting to be burned off.

If you’re a friend or client trying to lose weight, and I ever catch you entering a buffet, I will stop you. If I ever see you exiting a buffet, I will ask you what you just ate, and then ask you to tell me the truth, and then I will make you walk home to burn off all those calories. lol. You know I wouldn’t do that, but I would be disappointed.

And the last bit of advice I have is to please take control of your food intake and try not to be the 50% of Americans that are projected to be pre-diabetic or diabetic by the year 2020! You read that right, and that is scary. That’s only 6 years away. The harsh reality is that in many instances becoming diabetic or pre-diabetic is strictly a result of a lifetime of consuming too much food. Imagine that, getting a disease, and a bunch of symptoms as a result of too much food. WTF!


Now that I gave you all this advice and harsh restrictions, I will tell you the same thing my mother told me when I asked her why she was so strict with me and my food. “I do it because I care, but more importantly, because it’s the best thing for you”.

Thanks mom.









Random Thoughts on Food and Exercise

Have you every woke up with a racing brain? Muy rapido. Of course you have. That’s why many of you couldn’t sleep last night, because of the racing, jumpy, thinking of this and that, for no apparent reason, brain. In honor of Monkey Brain that jumps from branch to branch and accomplishes nothing but noise, I will blog from thought to random thought, and we must KISS. No, not this KISS…


or this kiss…

kids kissing

I am talking about Keeping It Simple…Silly. Now get your head out of the gutter. Well, thinking about kissing isn’t exactly gutter thoughts, but they might be gateway thoughts to gutter thoughts.

Ok, thought numero uno.

When I exercise, and I see people walking and exercising  with a not so sugar-free energy drink like Red Bull in their hand as they exercise, or any other drink that clever advertisers have convinced us we need to re-hydrate and replace electrolytes, yeah right, it bothers me more than driving texters wearing dark sunglasses. DO NOT DRINK CALORIES WHILE YOU EXERCISE IF YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. Please drink water. And do not text and drive. And if the sun has gone down, take your shades off.


If you walk a mile and drink a super charged, neon colored, electrolyte filled, vitamin laden, energy enhancing drink that your favorite athlete is being paid millions to swear he or she drinks, and that drink has 150 calories, guess what happened during your mile walk? You simply drank the calories you were trying to burn during your walk. More water benefits below.


Next thought. Do steroids work? Hello! McFly, of course they do. Why do you think professional athletes use them, risking careers and reputations? Average folks use them too, like exhibit A below.

before and after cycle

I believe I read that dude above  accomplished his body transformation in a 3 month cycle of Anabolic Steroids! The above transformation, without roids, would take about 1 year to complete, at least.

tony on roids

Tony, in the picture above, definitely used something for his transformation, and so did tough guy below. By the way, I got these pictures off websites where dudes brag about what they accomplished with this and that stack. A stack, in the weight lifting world, is a combination of supplements and hormones (roids) that a person uses to gain muscles and burn fat.


Women use steroids too.


Yes, she’s a woman, and so is the specimen below.


Ok, next thought. If someone asked me, well they actually do all the time, what are the best exercises for building strength? Let’s start with the upper body, and you don’t need equipment for this one. Push-ups are a great upper body builder. Below, some of my Marine Corps brothers doing Marine push-ups. Do not try this at home.

marine push ups

The next exercise for building upper body strength is the pull-up, also a Marine favorite. That is Healthy Homeboy below, and a former Marine.


Front view now, so you don’t think I just took a picture of a guy who was doing pull-ups  at a local park and just happened to be wearing sneakers, shorts, and an L.A. Dodger hat, just like mine. These two pictures of me are about a month old. I guess the saying “Once a Marine, always a Marine” is true, except for the machine guns, tanks, and blowing shit up part. I gave that up a long time ago. My great aim and perfect vision are available upon demand or request.


Now, for the lower body. Nothing comes close to the squat for strengthening and building legs.


Now ladies, do not be afraid of squats. Don’t worry, you won’t build incredibly muscular legs, but you might build  a butt that looks like the one on the right.


Below is a diagram of muscles worked during squats for men and women.


Next thought. If you are trying to lose weight, under no circumstances should you ever go to a buffet. Yes, even if you’re starving. Because guess what, you probably aren’t. Starving definitions: to die or perish from lack of food or nourishment. To be in the process of perishing or suffering severely from hunger. To suffer from extreme poverty and need.


If after reading the definitions for “starving”, you decide that you are starving, go ahead and go to a buffet, eat as much as you can, and stuff your pockets with as much food as possible because they don’t allow take home boxes.

And for my final thought. In fairness, I will turn the looking-glass towards me. Since you read my blog, thank you, and I am always telling you what to do for fitness and weight loss, let’s look at what I eat and drink that is good and not so good.

I drink water with almost everything I eat, and I have no idea how much water I drink, so don’t ask. I drink about 1 glass of milk a day. I love chips ahoy cookies and for that reason I don’t keep them in the house. I have never used roids, and if you think I do because at 41 years of age I have a decent looking body, get a life, LOSER! I workout with weights about 3 times per week, mostly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I rarely, if ever, do ab exercises, sorry. I love bacon cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, and ice cream, and have many times ate them all in the same day. I eat red meat about 3 times per week. I love sushi. I eat eggs everyday scrambled in butter. Don’t worry, my cholesterol levels are fine. I just had a physical. Most of my carbohydrates come from brown rice, fruits, and oatmeal. I don’t eat much flour products like pasta, bread, pizza, etc. I am 5’11’. In the Marines I weighed about 185. Today I weigh 183. So much for the slow down of my metabolism. What slows down is activity levels and the ability to recover from exercise as we age, more than anything. When I indulge in adult drinks, tequila or vodka is my preference. Beer makes me burp. When I go to those frozen yogurt establishments that seemed to have popped up EVERYWHERE, I get the small container, that looks like a large to me, and half fill it with vanilla and Oreo flavored frozen yogurt, YO! As toppings for my yogurt I use yogurt covered pretzels, chips ahoy cookies, and pound cake. I don’t have a desk job, and that helps me stay lean. I don’t count calories. The mirror tells me if I am eating too much of this or that. And remember, if you are having a difficult time getting through to someone about something that seems so simple and easy to you, but not so much for the person you are trying to enlighten, just K.I.S.S. And if you really like the person, aren’t in a serious relationship with someone else, and K.I.S.S. didn’t work, pop a Tic-Tac and give them a big ole smackaroo on the lips and tell them how much they mean to you.


Please tell me how the kiss worked out.

Don’t Eat at Wendy’s. Instead, Do Like Wendie.

So, you want real life results? You want me to stop giving you advice, I will never stop, and show you pictures of and introduce you to real people who have achieved real life weight loss through increased movement and reduced food consumption. Ladies and gentlemen, we the jury find George Zimmerman not…

Oops, wrong thought. Let’s try that again. All please rise, the honorable Healthy Homeboy is now presiding. “I Healthy Homeboy find my home-girl, Wendie, guilty of changing her diet and exercising in order to lose weight. I find her guilty of taking charge of her life. I find her guilty of training with Healthy Homeboy 3 times per week and participating in a walking group every Saturday morning no matter how tired she feels. I find her guilty of not making excuses because she is over 40, and maybe her metabolism has slowed down and maybe her hormones have changed, but she does not focus on the inevitable and the negative. I find her guilty of working 40 hours a week, at least, and still finding time to exercise. I find her guilty of setting an example to all women who want to lose weight.” You may sit down now.

Wendie is the third one in from the left, doing squat-and-press during our Saturday morning workout at MLK Park with the rest of the crew.


Wendie, orange stripe on shorts, on the floor doing chest press alternated with lower abs. All the other ladies are working out hard too.


Wendie and the rest of the posse doing overhead presses.


Wendie does not eat the chips below. At least not when I’m around…lol. On a side note, do we really need potato chips that taste like baby-back ribs? Why not just eat the ribs? What’s next, stuffing cheese in pizza’s crust and doubling the stuffing in Oreo cookies? Oh, I forgot. They do that already.


That is Wendie below, and those are her old pantalones she’s proudly displaying. The size of her old pants was “bigger”, the new size is “smaller”. That is what matters. She is 40 pounds lighter now and is a workout maniac. I am not kidding. On Saturdays, AFTER we do our 1 hour walking and exercise group, I train her for another 45 minutes with weights. Fourth of July weekend I wasn’t here for our walking group, and she did the walking group with the other girls, good job ladies, and then Wendie stayed and did the whole routine again. Translation: On a Saturday morning when people are waiting impatiently in McDonald’s drive thru’s or in Starbuck’s lines, or simply lying in bed when they could be benefiting from exercise, she is working out, FOR TWO HOURS!


This is my home-girl Wendie and me. (I’m suppose to write “Wendie and I”, but that looks and sounds incorrect to me, I mean I, oh, whatever…) I had to post the picture below so people don’t think I am just finding random pictures on the internet, or the cloud, of people who have lost weight and taking credit for it. Wendie deserves all the credit for her transformation. She is the one working out no matter how tired she is, how hot it is, or has something better to do. Don’t we all have better things to do than workout? She is also the one who makes the right food choices when no one is looking. You go girl!


Above Wendie’s head it says “INSPIRATION”. I hope she does that to some of you who are trying to lose weight.

Wednesday is Women’s Weight-Loss Day

Hello ladies. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog. From now on I will try to focus on women’s health on Wednesdays.


I first want to apologize on behalf of all of society for constantly bombarding your brain, computer screen, ego, and self-esteem with images of beautiful women.


I get it Beyonce, and so does every other woman. You’re beautiful, talented, and wealthy. Advertisers, thanks for the one-thousandth reminder.

That’s not cool for you ladies, right? The constant and in your face reminders of perfect bodies with unblemished faces to match. I know, there’s a whole hella of a lot of photo-shop going on, but still. Sometimes when I go grocery shopping, I walk down the aisle with the magazines and stuff. I can’t help but notice the abundance of magazine covers reminding us of how beautiful this star and that star is, and many of those celebrities are women. Don’t idolize them, idolize yourself. It’s healthier for you. Trust me, you are beautiful too.

So, you want to lose some weight. I will help you in that department because it is what I am good at, and it is a bit of a duty for me. I will give you some rules, pieces of advice, or techniques you can try to implement in your weight loss plan. Remember, you are someones Beyonce just like I am my wife’s Jay-Z, minus the millions of record sales, owning sports franchises, ice (that’s diamonds), and private jet flights. So what, I bet you Sean Carter can’t speak Espanol like I can. I know him by Sean by the way. We go way back. And I know he doesn’t have mi cuerpo either. Me and Jay, I know him like that too, still get along. No envy on either side, just admiration from afar.


Now let’s get going with some rules and advice.

1. Write down your weight-loss goals. Make it clear how much you want to weigh. The human body works better when it knows what it wants.

goal set

2. Do not eat like a man. So what does that mean? It means that if you are a woman, and you said to me “Hey Healthy Homeboy, let’s go to dinner and discuss a plan for me to help me lose weight”, and I obliged. Once we get to the eating establishment and we both order our food, when the food arrives, your plate should not look like mine in quantity. I am 5’11’ and weight about 185 pounds. If you are shorter than me, you should probably weigh less than I do. In order to weigh less than me, you should eat less than I do, all of the time.


3. The following information piggy backs of the one you just read. A 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 pound dog needs a certain amount of calories/energy to maintain its weight. If it goes over that amount, it will gain weight and not move efficiently. You, my dear lady friend, are the same. No, you are not a dog or pee in the woods. Well, I hope you don’t pee in the woods, unless your drunk or something. Back to my point though. Like a dog and other animals, you are a creature of a certain height and body structure, not big-boned, that has an optimal weight for your body to function most efficiently. Find and decide what that weight is, and eat and move accordingly.


All the dogs above have to eat for their predetermined size, we should too.

4. If you are trying to lose weight for health reasons, that is great! But I warn you, it will turn to vanity and you will start buying clothes to show off your slimmer figure. Your self-esteem will shoot to the moon, better yet to the sun, because that’s farther away than la luna.  And a woman with high self-esteem can accomplish anything. They are pleasant to be around too.

self esteem

Above, self-esteem and confidence to the max. You are a lady tiger, ARRHHH!

5. You have to move. You must do cardiovascular work 2 to 3 times per week for a minimum of a half hour at a time. Your body and heart will thank you for it. Walking leisurely is not cardio. Walking does burn calories, but for most people, it will not elevate their heart rate enough to get the true benefits of cardio training. Walking in the mall, an amusement park, in a museum, is just life and not cardio.


Walking fast and up a hill is cardio. Swimming, biking, playing tennis, or an aerobics class is cardio. Zumba is cardio. I don’t know if the Wobble is cardio though. Break-dancing is cardio too, but it’s hard. Yes, I was one of those kids that used to spin on my back on a piece of cardboard with a boombox blasting next to me in the early 80’s. Why didn’t my parents just put me in lacrosse or something to burn off all my excess energy?

pink panther graffiti

6. You must lift weights. Don’t worry ladies, you don’t have enough testosterone to get buff. Here are some benefits to muscle-building. Lifting weights increases your metabolism, yay! Lifting weights strengthens muscles, ligaments, and tendons, keeping your chance of injury in case of a God forbidden fall to a minimum. Lifting weights strengthens and increases bone density, keeping osteoporosis in check.


So there you have 6 pieces of advice that will go a long way in helping you lose weight and keeping it off. My favorite “Healthy Homeboy” rule for women is: Don’t eat like a man.

Please share this with every woman you know who is trying to lose weight.