Kentucky Derby, 2014!!!

Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you. Oh yeah, happy pre Cinco de Mayo to you too. Every time I hear Cinco de Mayo, I think of pico de gallo, probably because they rhyme.

Have you ever gone to an event and it turns out to be so much more than you thought it was going to be, in a good way? Well these past 2 days have been just that. So much so that I was lying in bed thinking about it this morning, at 4am, and I decided to get my butt up and come down to the hotel lobby and blog about my Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby experience. It’s 4:10am now. The security guard in the lobby asked “hitting the road already?” and I said “No, I had plenty of adult drinks at the derby yesterday and went to sleep early, so I am up early to write about my experience these past two days”. The security guard asked me where I am from. I told him I was born in Los Angeles, and reside in Maryland now. He was born and raised in Kentucky. He’s nice, and pretty tall too.

Friday was Kentucky Oaks day. This is the girls version of the Kentucky Derby. It is a race for three year old fillies. This year it was won by a filly named Untapable. The cool part is that the winning jockey’s name is Rosie Napravnik. A female jockey won the race for girls! You go Rosie!! This is Untapable. Isn’t she pretty.


And this is Rosie on Untapable.


Oaks Day is also pink day. Everyone is encouraged to wear pick, and yes that means men tambien (too). From left to right that is I, my wife, my sister, my father, my other sister, and my brother-in-law who made much of this trip possible, rocking the pink.

IMG_5145The picture below is my “If I was a famous boxer, this would be my parking lot pose”. I even wore pink gator shoes, faux gators that is, because the real ones are about 600 bucks, and I don’t roll like that, yet.


My wife rocked the hot pink too!!! Very well, I might add. You go Shalisa.


The Oaks day attendance was 113,000! Damn, that is mucho!! The races were all great and they were run under mostly clear skies. Then Saturday arrived, and we were ready to go again. Our Oaks day seats had been awesome, but through a friend of a friend of a friend, we upgraded our seats for Derby day to a section that had all you can eat and all you can drink. And take my word for it, people in this section were drinking all they could, us included. The ladies looked like this on Derby day.


This is pops and I. He was so happy the whole weekend, and I obviously was too. Look closely, I was rocking the faux gators on day two too.


How about a group shot? Remember I told you about the all you can drink activities in our section. Well check out the dude next to us with two drinks in hand. Mind you, this was at about 11 am.


This is a great picture my wife took of the actual Kentucky Derby in action. The place was loud and jam packed with 164,906 screaming folks.


The day went great and I drank plenty of Jimador with OJ and water. I was tipsy. Nah, I was drunk. Yep, you read that correct. I don’t drink often, but when I do, I like to feel it and have a great time. And that is exactly what I did on Derby day.

Leaving Churchill Downs, we had to take some more pictures. My father bought me the hat I am sporting in the picture below. It was that last one of its kind they had left that day.


Also, a picture in front of a statue of Barbaro. A great horse who won the 2006 Derby, and then passed away because of a freak accident during the Preakness.


Both days were incredible with plenty of wagering and drinking. If I were to measure this trip by the amount of money I won at the races, it wasn’t much. If I measure my trip by the experiences and memories I gained at Churchill Downs, I left that place a billionaire. When I was a teenager living in Stockton, California, never did I imagine I would one day attend the Kentucky Derby. Yes, I am blessed, and extremely thankful for it.

Damn, I almost forgot. California Chrome won the Derby, with Victor Espinoza aboard.
























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