Increase Your Energy Levels, Naturally

Energy drinks, they are everywhere and consumed by the millions daily, along with coffee. That tells me that we as a society must be constantly tired, right? (Yes, I too consume coffee. So this is not a finger-pointing post).


I hear, and because I am nosy, overhear people constantly saying that they are so tired, they have brain fog, or that they just cant get going. Before you go on the inter-web and Google “Why am I so tired all the time?”, or make an appointment with your doctor to tell him about your constant fatigue, let me ask you some questions.

1. How’s your diet? Is your breakfast a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a bagel, and then you’re racing down the highway to work? Do you go to 7-11 for lunch? Yuck! When’s the last time you ate some fruits and vegetables? Do you drink water? Or is your liquid consumption coffee, soda, and adult drinks? And on weekends, do you eat and drink like a Marine who just got back from his third tour in Afghanistan? (That means you get drunk and eat a whole hell of a lot Friday through Sunday, and then on Monday you wonder why you feel like poo).

I have news for you. You are not a machine that runs on batteries, some petroleum-based fuel, or solar energy. You run on food. And although I am not a doctor or dietician, too much school for me, I will go out on a limb and say that the shittier your diet, the shittier you will feel physically and mentally. Heck, you are a much more complicated piece of Machinery than a Ferrari, and if you put inferior fuel in a Ferrari, it probably will not run at its best either.

2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Wheelsandmore Black Stage II

2. Do you exercise? You’re probably thinking “How in the hell is exercise going to help me have MORE energy, if exercise requires energy in the first place?” To be honest with you, I don’t know the exact dynamics that causes exercise to give someone more energy, but it does work. Exercise helps the mind stay sharp and active, it helps digestion, it detoxifies the body, especially when you sweat, it helps circulation, and as a result you will just feel better. Let me word it another way. I am going to do what the young folks say nowadays. I am going to “Keep it real” or give you “real talk”. If you never exercise, that means not walk more than from your house to the car to the office and back to the car to return home, your body will adjust to that and it will accept its inactivity and become lazy, and you will probably gain weight in the process. But if you exercise, say walk half an hour a day, your body will adjust to it and almost demand it, and you will become more energetic. I have seen this many times in clients, friends, family, and in myself (or is it me). So get to moving!


I don’t care what you do for exercise, just move. And walking the mall or taking the steps at work doesn’t count. That is called life. Sorry.

3. And last but not least, do you get enough sleep?


Yep, I am talking about good deep sleep. That sleep where you wake up, the covers are all over the place, you have eye cheese in both eyes, slobber on your cheek and pillow, your hair looks like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket, you have no idea what time it is because you slept so sound, and you don’t remember what time you went to sleep. You know, like a baby. Where do you think the saying “I slept like a baby” came from?


Of course, everyone is different in how much sleep they need to function optimally. But it is safe to say you need a minimum of 6 hours. If I get less than 6, I feel like poop. There’s a reason you sleep a third of your life. It’s because you need it.

Now once your eating is on the right track, you’re moving, and you are getting your restful sleep in the right amounts, and you still feel tired, fatigued, and have brain fog, then you should go see your doctor about your lack of physical and mental energy symptoms. It will make it easier for him and you to figure out what is wrong. You wouldn’t go to your doctor complaining of a bad headache if the night before you had 5 martinis, right?

Eat right, move right, sleep right, and feel good and refreshed. There’s your energy formula. And you always thought it was this:


Your body is more than just physics.


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