Take Care of Your Vehicle

How many vehicles will you own in your lifetime? 1,2,3, or more. And will you take care of your vehicles? Of course you will. You will get the oil changed, rotate the tires, check the transmission, and keep the interior spiffy and smelling good. How about your life’s vehicle? How do you treat it?

When I say life’s vehicle, I don’t mean your car. I am talking about the one thing that will always be with you wherever you go, for the rest of your vida. It takes you everywhere. It is your body. That is your true life’s vehicle. You don’t believe me that it will always be with you? Go to your fancy phone pronto, and look at your selfies and any other pictures you are in. Guess what is in every picture? Great guess! Your body is in every picture. Friends will come and go,  family will come and go, money will come and go fo sho (fo sho means for sure), and material things will come and go too, but you will always be with you. And that is a good enough reason to take care of your life’s vehicle, your body. Last time I checked, you only get one. Avatar is just a movie.


When I do a consultation for weight loss, I always try to help my prospective clients find a reason for them to eat less and move more. I have learned that if people don’t have a strong enough reason to lose weight, success will be tough to come by. Like I said before, a good reason to live a healthy lifestyle is because you will only be issued one body in your lifetime.

Now the above reason to lose weight is not the only valid one. I have had clients tell me that they want to lose weight so they can enjoy their senior years with their spouses or partners in good health. That is a great weight loss motivator. I have had others tell me that they want to lose weight for their children. They want their children to have healthy parents, and hopefully their children will emulate their healthy lifestyles. That’s another great reason. But the best reason to lose weight and get healthier is for you, and not for your spouse, your career, or your children. Besides, if you do lose weight, your spouse, your career, and your children will benefit, trust me.

So next time your car engine light comes on, and you rush to your car dealership or reliable mechanic to get your engine checked out, realize that your body has an engine light too. It is called your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, joint pain, muscle pain, foot pain, sleeping patterns, and sugar levels (diabetes). Being overweight can throw these measurable levels out of whack. How do I know? Because my overweight clients, and statistics tell me so. As an overweight person loses weight, blood profiles improve, and some of life’s little physical discomforts improve or even disappear. I have had clients lose weight, and they are amazed at how much better their at one time “constantly achy back” feels because they are lighter. Remember, the heavier anyone is, the harder the heart, lungs, and muscles have to work to get the body from point A to point B, and beyond. Ok, enough of that. I am sure you get the point.

Now about my first vehicle. It was a burgundy 1978 Monte Carlo, but I bought it in the summer of 1989, when I was about to enter my senior year in high school. It cost me like 375 bucks, no lie! I saved my summer tomato picking money for my first car. I was so proud. I was proud that I had saved up, but not of the car I bought. It was raggedy as hell. It was a true hooptee. (Hooptee: a car, usually old and funky) Yep, that was my Monte. It looked something like this. Actually, a lot like this.

monte carlo

The paint job was old and faded. I tried to wax it one day, and instead of the paint getting shinier, it started to come off. It had vinyl seats that got hot as hell in the Stockton, California summers, and the steering wheel was beige. The horn was super loud, so I never honked it when girls were around. The tires were all different in brand name and size too. So if I filled them all up to their proper individual tire pressure, my car sat crooked as hell. It felt as if one side was up on a curb or something. So in order for the car to level out, I would park the car at a gas station and have my little brother fill up each tire while I stood about 10 feet away to determine when the car looked level. Well, level to me, but not using a construction level or anything, just my eyeballs. One tire was like 40 psi, another was 33 psi, and the rear ones were like 25 psi, to give it that low rider look. But I think the car had been crashed in its previous lifetime because in order for the car to drive in a straight line, the front of the car had to point off to the left, but just slightly. And when I stepped on the brakes, the steering wheel would shake like some of those modern video game controllers. Wait, it gets better. Or is that worse?

I had two big ass 15 inch woofers in the back. I even took out the back seat to expose the woofers, and I am sure blow my eardrums out, as I cruised through Stockton playing rap music loud as hell. Back then, in 1989, rap music was rebellious and in its infancy. N.W.A., Too Short, and 2 Live Crew blasted out of my car daily. My steering wheel and rear view mirror would occasionally rattle, but not from the bass coming out the speakers, but from the jacked up suspension and alignment.


Cruising the city was easy and fun, but if I hopped on the highway, which I rarely did, I had to keep it under 55 mph. If I went over 55, my seat would start to shake, like one of those electric chairs at the mall that gives you a full body massage. And if I tried to do 70 mph, which I did just once, the whole car would shake violently, even the steering wheel. It felt like the asymmetrical rims would fly off at any moment, but they never did. But one time when I did like 65 on the highway, as I was exiting, I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw one of my shiny silver hub caps had come off and it was chasing me on the off ramp. I stopped my car, got out, and retrieved my shiny hub cap.

My Monte Carlo is long gone now, but my one and only life’s vehicle is still with me. Wait, let me make sure. Yep, just ran to the mirror and looked, my body is still there. And guess what has happened since 1989? Friends have come and gone, family has come and gone, money has come and gone, cars have come and gone, but my life’s vehicle remains.

Damn I almost forgot! My real first vehicle was my Haro FST BMX bicycle. My father bought it for me in 1986 with wages of like two weeks work for him at the time. Thanks dad! I rode that bike endlessly, trying tricks and stunts and everything in between. This is my bike and me, back in the day. Please excuse the quality of the picture.




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