Weight Loss Starts With This…

Calories, yes, calories. Weight loss is all about calorie consumption. I don’t care if you’re doing the Mediterranean Diet, the Zone Diet, the Brazilian Butt Lift Diet, the Wealthy I can buy any food I want diet, the broke as hell I get all my food from the liquor store diet, or the Paleo Diet. If you eat too many calories for your desired weight and activity levels, you will not lose weight.


You can cry about that calorie fact, but what good would that do? Well crying does make humans feel better, that’s why babies sleep sound after a good cry. So if you must, go ahead and cry. Now back to the weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight, you weigh over 200 pounds, and you are not very active, like moving 1 hour or more a day, than you probably shouldn’t consume over 2,000 calories per day. Now you’re probably thinking “How much is 2,000 calories of food anyways?” And that my dear weight loss friend is your job. It is your duty  to find out the calorie count of the different foods you consume. It is much easier to calorie count now because of all the apps that can do it for you. The unfortunate fact about the app revolution is that apps can’t exercise for you or tell you when to stop eating. Only you can do that. And no, Googling, texting, Tweeting, and Facebooking is not exercise. If it was, people would be in great shape. But if the Olympics ever adds an event that calls for extreme thumb dexterity, we have a generation of gold medal winners in training everyday. They even train while they drive.


It is imperative that you learn to count calories and have a better than rough idea about the amount of calories you consume daily for you to succeed in the battle of the bulge. Eating a salad for lunch, drinking water, and walking 5 flights of steps at work is not enough information and activity for weight loss. You must assess your overall activity level and calorie intake necessary for your activity levels and desired weight. Paul Chek often says “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.” And guess what people do when they guess how many calories a food has, how many calories they ate that day, or how much they moved in a week? If you guessed that they guess less on calories and guess more on movement, you are correct! Weight loss and guessing how to do it will not work.

But I do have good news for you if you weigh over 200 pounds and you’re trying to lose weight. Once you learn how much 2,000 calories looks like when it comes to food, and you do consume 2,000 calories a day or less, everyday, week after week, and month after month, you will lose weight.  What this means is that you can start to lose weight without any extra physical activity.  You can actually lose weight by not doing something. The thing not to do is eat over the calorie amount that is correct for your desired weight.

Of course the “2,000 calories for an over 200 pound person” is just a guesstimate on my part, but it’s a good one. I am sure of it. This formula works so well that I recently convinced a young woman trying to lose weight to only consume 2,000 calories a day for 1 week straight. I told her that if she didn’t lose about 3 to 5 pounds that week, I would giver her her money back for my advice and training services. Keep in mind that when it comes to money, I don’t kid. Seven days passed by. She ate 2,000 calories a day, or less, for that whole week. I will not tell you how much she lost, but I will tell you she exceeded my expectations. Because woman are clever and inquisitive, it’s a good trait to have ladies, she asked me if that meant she would lose x amount of pounds a week, every week, by consuming 2,000 calories a day. I said to her what I will also say to you if you weigh more than 200 pounds and you’re trying to lose weight. “I cannot promise nor predict how much weight you will lose by consuming no more than 2,000 calories per day. Weight loss is not linear. But what I can do is assure you that if you stay true to your 2,000 calorie a day limit, you will lose weight.”






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