The “F” Word

Let’s talk about the F word. No, not the 4 letter one that you say when you stub your toe, hit traffic on your way to an event you were supposed to be early for, or when your favorite team loses the SuperBowl. Sorry about that Denver Bronco fans. I’m talking about the three-letter one, as in F-A-T. Oh, that F word.

What is fat? Fat is just energy for use by the body. So if I eat a bacon-avocado double cheeseburger, which will be loaded with fat, I will  be consuming plenty of energy.

bacon burger

And here’s where shit goes crazy. If you don’t use the burger above, that looks like it easily goes over 1,000 calories, for energy by moving, it will be stored as fat on your body for future use. Your body doesn’t know that you live in a time where food is everywhere and available all da time? It probably still thinks you’re a hunter gatherer, so it stores energy on your body as fat, for times of little or no food. I believe this is called scarcity.


Look at the bear above. He will fatten up on salmon because he will go with no food for months during his hibernation. But we are not bears, despite the fact that I have eaten like one on several occasions. We do not hibernate either, as much as some of us would like too. And we absolutely do not need to fatten up, for health purposes.

And for all you vegetarians out there, please know that you can gain weight without eating meat. Anyone who consumes pasta, bread, cookies, home-made fruit juices, and sodas, and doesn’t burn those calories/energy off through movement, will also gain weight in the form of fat.

Now that does not mean that a calorie is just a calorie either. A slice of your favorite pie and a piece of chicken do not have the same effect on your body. Chicken is loaded with amino acids for muscle repair and most pies are loaded with sugar. If a calorie is just a calorie, then why can diabetics eat certain foods but are advised to reduce or eliminate others? Different foods effect our bodies in different ways.

But no matter the food, whether carbohydrate, protein, or fat, if your body does not use it as energy, it unfortunately will not poop it out. It will be stored as fat on your body. Any of you who own pets know this is also true with them. Give your pet too much food and not enough exercise, and he will gain weight. By the way, if you take super care of your dog, do the same for yourself too. You and your dog will be grateful.

Lean Boxer.

Boxer Dog04

And not so lean Boxer.

Bichon maltais blanc assis & coquin sur fond blanc

The not so lean Boxer above does not have a thyroid issue either. Do dogs even have thyroid glands? Wait, just Googled it. They do have thyroid glands.

So if you are trying to lose weight, try to view the excess weight on your body as excess energy and not the defeating F word. That excess energy is waiting to be burned off. The best way to do that is to reduce your calories so your body can feed itself with its own fat, and to move, so it can further feed itself the energy it needs to accomplish your exercise activity of choice.

When people say “We need to burn the fat off” what they are really saying is “We need to move and reduce our calorie intake so that our bodies can feed on its own fat like a hibernating bear in Alaska”.


I know we all have different reasons for consuming food. One of the worst reasons is for the hell of it. Our body needs food for the same reasons animals do, to survive. Nature hardwired us that way. What nature didn’t do is equip us with a mechanism that lets us know when we are full and should stop eating. That would be great, wouldn’t it? If while you were eating pizza and chicken wings slathered in some dipping sauce, and you reached your calorie allotment for the day a big DING! sound would go off in your brain telling you that you are full and you should stop eating. And there’s not even an app for that. There are apps to help you track your calorie intake, but only you can tell you when to stop eating.

stop-eating.jpg w=298


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