Inspiration for Weight Loss

Question, how’s your New Year’s Re-solution to lose weight coming along? Remember, you can’t continue last year’s eating and movement habits and expect to lose weight. You must move more and eat less. I have faith in you, but more importante, you must have faith in yourself. I know losing weight is a challenge, but think about it this way. If pyramids could be built way back in the day…


and we could put a man on the moon…


and if as an adolescent, Liz Murray could survive having cocaine and heroin addicts for parents, who both eventually died of aids, and she could endure scavenging the streets of the Bronx as a teenager, with her sister, and sharing with her sister ice cubes and toothpaste for dinner, so they could feel like they were eating something, and if the super-strong and inspirational Liz Murray could overcome all the above and more, and be accepted to Harvard, and graduate…


you can lose weight.

I know, often we are told to “dig deep within ourselves to find strength, will, and discipline” to accomplish something, but sometimes that’s a challenge. During those challenging times, when we mentally beat ourselves up for not doing what we promised ourselves we would do (or is that just me), we must look around us for inspiration. Believe it or not, there is positivity in the world.

Don’t let the news get to you with their bombardment of negative headlines, images, and stories. Try to stay positive, especially about you. There are inspirational stories and real life humans behind them everywhere. You probably have inspirational people in your neighborhood or in your family. People accomplish amazing things everyday. Just sit back, observe, and admire the inner strength that some display, and channel that admiration into inspiration for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Let others strength be your strength. Remember, you need concrete personal reasons to lose weight, and those reasons may need inspiration kicking them in the ass to get the ball rolling. Got it? Ok, you want one more inspirational person. How about Jim Abbott…Yankees Jim Abbott after pitching no hitter. 9/4/93

Abbott was born with only one hand, but he didn’t feel sorry for himself. He played baseball, and PRO BASEBALL at that. Abbott played in the MLB for about 10 years. In 1993, Abbott pitched a NO HITTER for the Yankees. WTF! WTF, in Jim’s case stands for “With The Fastball”. Oh, and don’t go telling Jim that he can’t or couldn’t hit. In 1999 he had two hits for the Brewers. Abbott could even bunt!


Inspiration is everywhere, just take a look. You want to know something pretty neat? If you lose some weight, you will be someone’s inspiration to lose weight. The more you lose, the more you will inspire. I see it happen all the time.







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