The Best Diet for Your New Year’s Resolution

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year. Damn, I can’t believe it’s 2014. Where does the time go. I know, time goes by and bye.

2014 is your year, correct? It is the year when you will lose weight and feel great. During December of 2013, you promised yourself that as soon as 2014 rolled around, you would move more and go on a diet. Well, we are a week into the new year. How has that diet and exercise plan gone so far? Not so good, or so so. Never fear, Healthy Homeboy is here. I will help you with your diet today. It is a simple diet that works. Are you ready?


Yes, it’s that simple. I know, I know, you want me to tell you what you can eat. Well, I can’t do that because I don’t know your food likes and dislikes. Hell, I don’t even know if you like to cook or can cook. So how am I supposed to advise you on what to eat? You already know you should eat fruits, vegetables, clean-lean meats, drink water, and eliminate sugary drinks, alcohol, desserts, and fast food as much as possible.

Let’s talk pets. Trust me, it has to do with weight loss. I used to have Rottweiler. He was large, slept as much as he could, and was very protective of house and owner. He weighed 120 pounds, was muscular, and never aggressive. But when he barked, and I wasn’t ready for it, it scared the shit out of me! He looked something like this…


Now I have a Jack Russel Terrier. He looks something like this…


My Jack Russell and Rottweiler never got to meet because my Rottweiler passed away a few weeks before I got my JRT. This is what they would have probably looked like side by side.


Notice that the JRT is about one fifth the size of the Rotty. And guess which which one of these two dudes ate much more than he other? It’s obvious, the Rotty did. Now I ask you, do you eat like a Jack Russel Terrier or a Rottweiler? Just like  a dog, you should eat for your predetermined size and appropriate weight.

All 11st.jpg

The woman on the far left who is 5ft 2 inches tall should not eat as much the woman on the far right who is 6ft 1 inch tall. These women all have to eat according to their height and activity levels to have a healthy weight/BMI. In general, the taller you are the more you can eat because your just a bigger human being. I am 5’11’, but I cannot, and should not eat like a 6’6′ basketball player. Ladies, don’t eat like a man, especially if he’s taller than you.

In summary, if you want to lose weight, you must eat less. How much less? How about 1/5 less at every meal. See how that goes for a while. Trust me, it will work. Then educate yourself on how tall you are, how much you must weigh or want to weigh, and the amount of calories needed daily to attain that weight. I will give you a hint: It isn’t much food that you need daily. I know, it sucks. The following chart is based on weight and activity levels.

Caloric Chart

On a funny note, when I first got my Jack Russell Terrier, I noticed he was pooping too much and was gaining weight rapidly, then I realized I was feeding him too much. I was like “Damn, even dogs gain weight if you don’t feed them correct amounts”. I cut back on his food and he lost his excess weight. He now prances around at a trim 18 pounds and barks at everything. He specifically hates squirrels.








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