RG3 Benched, And It Could Get Worse

Yes, it is true Washington fans. RG3 has officially been benched.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

I actually agree with the benching. Roberto, as he is known in Mexico, has been…how can I say this without offending him. Oh yeah, he’s been sucking. I am sure it is not all Roberto’s fault. The receivers have been dropping passes like the balls have been dipped in beacon grease before they are thrown at them. The offensive line doesn’t protect very well, and the tight-ends don’t block well either.

Now let’s look at what RG3 does wrong. (I watch Washington games because I married into a Washington Football Team family, and they are serious about their team). The first thing he does wrong, is something that he doesn’t do. He doesn’t see his open receivers. Trust me, receivers are open, and not being able to spot the open receivers leads him to his next mistake. He tucks the ball, panics, scrambles a bit, and then tries to run. And then WHAM!!! Haloti Ngata lays the wood to RG3 and wrecks Roberto’s knee.


Let’s talk about the Raven’s Ngata. Haloti is a nose tackle. He is 6’4′ and weighs 350 pounds, at least. And before you call him FAT, you better add an S to your description of him and call him FAST. All NFL players are fast, even the ones that look FAT, trust me. 6 foot + men that weigh 300 pounds and beyond are everywhere, but 6ft + men that weigh 300 pounds and can chase quarterbacks down are very rare, very. RG3 is learning this the hard way. Roberto, you must learn to pass.

All his life, Roberto El Tercero, has been able to outrun defenders, and other competition, in all sports he played. Robert is obviously very fast. But in the NFL, the speed gap between him and defenders has significantly closed. That’s why he’s constantly getting sacked and smashed. His speed isn’t the asset it once was. Many times this year, he has scrambled, vacated the pocket, and then been caught from behind, by a nose tackle or defensive end! That’s insane, and I am sure it is very surprising and humbling to him that he gets caught more often than not. It’s the NFL baby. All players in the NFL are there because they can play. And a large part of being able to play in the NFL is speed. Again, even on the shittiest teams, THEY’RE ALL FAST.


Above is Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. RG3, for your own health, do not try to outrun Willis, just slide and live to play another down.

And what’s worse than RG3 getting benched? How about if Kirk Cousins comes in and kicks ass for the next few games? It is possible you know. What if cousins throws for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Falcons and Washington wins? You think it’s messy and contraversial now with the RG3 benching. If cousins plays well, it will get even messier. Oh, before I forget. If cousins does well it’s because he passes the ball and doesn’t run.

I have to give credit to a friend of mine, a good friend, that told me last year that the whole running QB thing in the NFL wouldn’t last. Damn, he was right. I thought it would take longer, but it looks like it took defenses just one off season to figure out the read option, or whatever it’s called when the QB fakes the hand-off and keeps it. Kapernick of the 49ers, and RG3 both look completely different running the ball this year than they did last year. And because of that, they are struggling passing. Defenses have figured them out, have forced them to pass, and the quarterbacks must now evolve. On the other hand, first name “Russel” last name “Wilson” of the Seattle Seahawks can pass very well. And when he can’t find the open receiver, Russel extends the play with his legs to try to find an open receiver, and THEN when that doesn’t work, he takes off. It also helps that Seattle has a sick defense. By the way, Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round because NFL General Managers thought he was too short to make it in the NFL. These are my thoughts on Wilson so far. Stature, not so big. Heart and football IQ, bigger than anyone imagined and could have predicted. Seattle is currently 11-2, and it looks like the path to the Super Bowl for the NFC will go through Seattle.





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