Build Buns of Steel

Thank you Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Nicki Manaj. You are not to blame completely, but you are to blame in part for many American women’s new infatuation with BIG ASS, pun intended, badunkadunks!

Here’s Kim proudly displaying her rear end to the south, that currently is being enjoyed by Mr. West.

Johnny Nunez

Here’s Jenny from the block displaying her junk in the trizunk. You go girl!


And here we have Nicki “Young Money” Minaj accentuating her nalgas by putting her lumbar spine in hyper-extension.


Yep, I find all three of the above guilty for compelling women throughout America to want larger and extra protruding rear ends. Yes, you read that correctly. Women want bigger butts now! Not all women, but enough women to create a booming cosmetic surgery industry that makes women’s butts fuller. Check out this before and after picture. This lady actually paid to have fat INJECTED into her butt.


She had something like 800 cc’s of fat injected into her butt cheeks. Damn, I didn’t even know fat came in cc’s. Hey ladies, if it boosts your self-esteem, I am all for it. I will admit that sometimes when I see a woman with a nice rear end, Sir Mixalot appears in my head and I begin to recite “I like big butts and I cannot lie” from his hit “Baby Got Back”.


But how about if a woman wants a nicer butt, but cannot afford ass augmentation? Never fear, Healthy Homeboy is here with some exercises that will make your booty go from not-now to PLADOW! Ladies, first you must learn to squat with weights on your back.


Also, the squat has to be done through its full range of motion like the girl above and the dude below. As I like to say “When it comes to squats, the lower you go, the more your ass will grow”, ass muscles that is.


You might have to hire a proficient trainer, or buy some exercise manuals to teach you the proper squat technique. And I am sure there’s a bunch of instructional videos on YouTube illustrating proper squat form. They’re not easy, but when squats are done with proper form, with weights, and through a full range of motion, your legs will get strong and your butt muscles will become firm, stand at attention, and not just droop. And by the way, squats are not bad for your knees. Find me well researched literature that proves squats are bad for your knees, and I will give you 1 free training session, no kidding.

But let’s say you do have bad knees and you still want a nicer rear end, what now? Hah, I got you! You can do deadlifts. And deadlifts in my opinion, are harder than squats, BUTT they are just as beneficial than squats, if not more. Below is the deadlift from start to finish. Apologies if the pictures are a bit small, but the diagram is very accurate.


Deadlifts work the whole body. Below is a diagram of muscles worked during deadlifts.


As you can see from the diagram above the primary muscles used in deadlifts are ALL of the back muscles, the glutes, which will help your aesthetics, or is it ass-thetics, your quadriceps, and other leg muscles. I know that when I do deadlifts my legs, traps, lower back, and hamstrings (back of the legs) are always a bit sore the next day. “Oh no! My lower back will be sore” you’re probably thinking or gasping. Don’t worry, when done correctly the deadlift will STRENGTHEN your lower back, and upper back, and legs…And guess what I have noticed? People with strong backs, because they exercise their backs, rarely have back problems. I know, it sounds counterintuitive. Your back aches, it’s sore like if you work construction, but you really just sit at a desk all day, and most of your back exercises involve bending over to tie your shoes, pet your dog, or pick up your young children, so the last thing you think you need is exercise, especially for your back. Trust me you need exercise, for all your muscles.¬† And if your back hurts often, and you don’t have a physically demanding job, you probably need to strengthen it.

There you have it, two exercises that will strengthen your upper body, legs, and give you buns of steel. Don’t worry, your buns will look great, and only steroids will give you these buns of steel.



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