Lose Weight on The Pizza Diet!

The bread dilemma. Does it cause weight gain? Bread on its own will not cause weight gain anymore than soda, meat, or  seafood will. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?”, you’re probably thinking right about now because one of the first things you are told to do, when you are trying to lose some el bees, is to reduce or completely eliminate bread consumption, right? And believe it or not, I am one of those folks who advises my “battlers of the bulge” to eliminate flour products as much as possible. So what gives? It’s the quantity of the food, any food, that matters.

Let me explain it like this. Many of us would benefit from reducing or eliminating pizza from our diets, correct? Pizza has at least 300 calories per slice, and I know few people, even kids, who will only eat one slice when a large pizza is within arms reach. But what if I told you that you could lose weight by only eating pizza? Would you believe me? Or would you say I am full of doo-doo, like those people who sell “Detox Diet” programs are? The truth is, you can lose weight by eating pizza only. Here is how.


Find a pizza that gives you delight and order it tonight. Do your research and make sure that each slice has no more than 500 calories per. Tomorrow morning you will wake up and have a slice for breakfast, and wash it down with water. You will take a slice to work and have it for lunch, and again wash it down with water. When you get home from a long days work, you will treat yourself to another slice of pizza. AND THAT IS ALL YOU CAN EAT ALL DAY, but you can drink as much water as you please. So at the most, if each slice is 500 calories, you will consume about 1500 calories. And if each slice is 300 calories, you will only be consuming about 1,000 calories. And guess what? In a few short months many of you, if not most of you, would lose weight on the pizza diet I have just described.


That is 100% correct-o-moon-dough. You can lose weight by consuming pizza ONLY. The reason most people who weigh 180 pounds or more would lose weight on just 3 slices of pizza a day is because the calories provided by just 3 slices, and drinking water, are not enough to cause weight gain. In the end it is excess calories that gets us all in trouble. So why do I advocate eliminating flour products as much as possible for weight loss? Because the flour products consumed by many Americans are gargantuan bowls of pasta, pizza, cookies of a kazillion types, muffins, donuts, tortillas the size of flying saucers (ever been to Chipotle), pretzels from the mall so large that 1 could feed a family of 4, Cinnabons from that same mall, burgers, and of course pizza. FYI. The Cinnabon Classic packs 880 calories and 127 carbs. That’s about as many carbs as 15 slices of whole wheat low carb bread. WTF!


So when someone asks me “What can I do with my diet to lose weight?” and I say “eliminate flour products as much as possible”, I say it in hopes that they will eliminate many of the flour products I previously mentioned. And one last piece of advice. If you are trying to lose weight, DO NOT eat bread and butter before your meal when out at a restaurant. That bread and butter, or bread dabbed in so called “healthy oil” is just adding calories to your meal and day. Instead, order your food, sip on some water while you wait for your food, and when your food arrives, tear it up! But really though, doesn’t the bread and butter below look enticing? DON’T DO IT!

bread and butter

And if you are trying to lose weight, never, and I mean NEVER is there a reason for you to have a meal that has bread before the meal, salad with that bread, then the meal, and then dessert. That’s like three meals in one. Seriously.


If you are not trying to lose weight, lucky you, all of the above does not apply to you.

Psst…wanna know a secret? But you can’t tell anyone, deal? I love having a Cinnabon with a tall glass of milk. But I rarely do it. Maybe I will do it for my birthday.


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