Yes, It’s Friday! Watchout For Those Weekend Calories.

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! Is it just me or doesn’t it seem like the sun shines a little brighter, and people are just a bit kinder on Fridays?


And guess what Friday is in the weight-loss world? It’s the beginning of your 3 day challenge that arrives week after week, month after month, year after year, same time, same channel. Many of a good workout and diet week go out the door beginning on Friday evening, then Saturday, and finally Sunday.

It goes a little something like this: Friday evening arrives, you know you have worked hard all week, and because many bosses and some humans are allergic to giving compliments and patting someone on the back and saying “Good job”, you decide you are going to reward yourself that Friday evening for your work efforts. And how do you reward yourself? Well, you could buy a new piece of clothing you have been wanting, but have been too cheap to buy. Or, you could buy a good book in real life or for your Kindle. Or, you could go to the movies, or even watch a movie at home. Or, you could hang out with your BFF. But who wants to do that? That’s no fun. You want to have real fun! So you reward yourself  with food and drink. Adult drink, that is.


And how easily you forget about all your disciplined weight loss efforts of Monday through Thursday. Monday you participated in a boot-camp. Tuesday you got up early, walked for a half hour, went to work, walked another half hour when you got home, and even had vegetables as part of your dinner. Wednesday you did a spin class. Thursday you did boot-camp, again! And even replaced one of your meals with a protein shake. And then Friday arrived and you started to go a little cuckoo.


But unlike the bird above, you go cuckoo for more than just cocoa puffs. (Seriously though, aren’t cocoa-puffs da bomb, da bomb diggity, the shit, the shiznit, and effing a-m-a-z i-n-g? As you can tell, I too love me some cocoa-puffs). Your Friday cucko0-ness causes you to have a big ass blueberry muffin for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and then you don’t eat until about 6 or 7pm that evening. And when happy hour arrives Friday evening, you eat everything in sight, between drinks of course. And just like that, on a Friday, you threw away your weeks valiant efforts in the name of health and weight-loss. But it gets better, a lot better.

Remember that spin class or other workout class you were supposed to partake in Saturday morning? Well, because you feel like crap as are result of Friday evenings food and drink, you take a pass on the class, and hit snooze…again, and again, and again. The rest of the day you do this and that, Saturday evening arrives, and the words that have come out of many of an adventurer’s mouth since the beginning of time, come out of yours, “fuck it, you only live once”.


But you know that you know better. You know that evening you shouldn’t go out and drink like a sailor again, and eat like a football player again, but you deserve it, right? You earned that food. You’re an adult, with adult money that you worked hard for, so you can do what you want. And besides, Monday will be here soon enough and you can start your weight loss routine all over again. But not before Sunday arrives, and you know what Sunday means? More food, maybe a few more drinks, and even dessert, because you deserve it. Friday we eat and drink because it’s Friday. Saturday we eat and drink because that’s what Saturdays are for, and Sundays we eat and drink because the following day is Monday, and who want’s to think about Mondays? Yuck!


And that my friends is how easily the best of workout plans and disciplined diets are flushed down the toilet. Hey, I am not saying I don’t eat pizza, burgers, ice cream, and sip on liquids that make my esophagus burn from end to end and deletes inhibitions, but I do pick my battles, and I don’t do it every weekend.

So my advice to you is be mindful of the weekends when it comes to calorie consumption. Just like you can’t be financially frugal Monday through Thursday, blow your money Friday through Sunday, and then wake up Monday and wonder what happened to your money, you can’t expect to diet and exercise Monday through Thursday, go cuckoo Friday through Saturday with food and drink, and then wonder Monday morning why you’re not losing weight. Health is similar to money. You invest a little ever day, and in the long-term, you will see some results.

Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

About health and money. Many years ago, my grandfather once said to me in Spanish “Problems that revolve around money often times they can be fixed, but health problems, that’s a whole other issue.” True Dat!

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