Interview With a Loser, of 50 Pounds!

It is uncommon for me as a trainer to have a client that does almost everything I ask or recommend of her/him, in order to lose weight. Wendi is one such client. From the beginning, Wendi has done EVERYTHING I have asked of her in her weight loss endeavour. She has exceeded all my expectations, and I am happy to say that Wendi is also my friend.

Wendi dismisses some of the common excuses I get from folks in their battle of the bulge. Here are some of those excuses: “I’m too old. And when you’re older, it’s impossible to lose weight”. Wendi is 50, yes 50. And by the way, 50 is not old. “I have a full-time job. It’s hard to workout after you work” Wendi has a full-time job too. And at one point during our training she was going to school to get her masters, AND training with me, And exercising on her own to lose weight. “It’s harder for woman to lose weight”. This last reason does have some validity to it, but it can still be done. Just look at Wendi.





What a body transformation, right? When I saw her this past Saturday for my “Walkers for Weight Loss” group that she participates in religiously, I couldn’t believe how great she looked. The irony of the “before” picture above is that they were celebrating her Big 50, as in turning 50, but now she can celebrate her other big 50. Wendi has lost 50 pounds in one year! She has also lost 7 inches around her waist, no lie. That’s right, for all you 50 and above, full-time working women who want to lose weight, Wendi did it, and you can do it too.

Because humans have a tendency to resist change, even if it is for our own good, I have always been intrigued and impressed by people who make changes in the name of mental or physical improvement. I have been lucky enough to witness positive change in friends, family, and clients. I have several clients who used to be tobacco smokers, and they quit completely. Wow! I have a friend who quit drinking sodas and lost about 40 lbs in a year. Wow! And I have one super good and close friend that if I told you the inspirational story of his struggles and change, first, you wouldn’t believe me, and second, you would probably say “You should write a book about that.” Hmm, now there’s a thought. Now back to Wendi and her change.

I interviewed Wendi so I could get a better idea of how and why she changed her body. Even if your are not trying to lose weight, her story may be inspirational for other areas of your life that may need some improvement/change. I think we can all agree that we can all use a little change for the better. During our interview, we went over plenty. So in the name of brevity, I picked 5 questions and answers that I thought were importante.

1. Why did you decide to lose weight? “After my spinal fusion last year, I was sent to an independent medical examiner to certify the status of my recovery. This doctor advised my employer that due to the fact that I was ‘obese‘ and the extent of my surgery, I was ‘100% disabled‘. This was my turning point”.

dont do it!

STOP THE PRESSES! I always harp on the importance of having that one reason that will override all possible excuses for not losing weight. We talked about the above answer for about 20 minutes. Wendi couldn’t believe she had been labeled “obese and 100% disabled” by a doctor, even if it was true at the time. Not wanting to be obese and disabled drove her day in and day out to lose weight. It was her purpose and driving force, and it obviously worked. In laymen terms, the doctor’s words lit a fire under Wendi’s nalgas and in her soul.

2. What is the biggest change you made to help you lose the weight? “My biggest lifestyle change is my dedication to exercising along with my food intake adjustments”. (No further comment on this one) Actually, I just lied. I am going to comment. If you are trying to lose weight, print several copies of question and answer #2. Tape one to your refrigerator, you car dashboard, your bathroom mirror, and anywhere else you will see it. That means taping it to the back of your smart phone too. The answer to question #2 works better than weight loss apps. Seriously!

3. What is the toughest change you made? “Cutting back on cheese and chocolate/dessert.” Notice she didn’t say “not eating cheese anymore”, or “not eating chocolate or dessert anymore.” She just cut back on those unnecessary calories.


4. What was the easiest change? “I really don’t know of an ‘easy’ change.” I 100% agree with her answer. It took me many years to understand why people, including myself, don’t just change our bad habits. It’s just not easy, but it can be done.

5. What excuses did you used to make to not exercise? “Not having the ‘spare’ time. was my most prominent reason not to exercise. Now I find myself putting other activities aside so I can work out.”

Well, there you have it. Those were some very honest answers about her weight loss journey.

My observation is that Wendi doesn’t make excuses for herself. I know for a fact that she sometimes doesn’t feel 100% for her workouts. On occasion, she has aches and pains, and long days at work, but she always shows up for her workouts. Sometimes she may have a great Friday night with friends, adult drinks and not so good food included. But come Saturday morning, there she is at the park, ready to do the weight loss walk at 9am sharp. And occasionally, after the walk, she tells me what a great time she had the night before and how tired she is. I then ask her if she is going to do the boot-camp after the walk? She almost always says yes. You go Wendi.

you go girl

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