O Canada, Wedding, and Elvis

Hello everyone. Last week my six month old blog went over 4,000 views. Wow! Damn, and I don’t even use Twitter. My blog has a feature that tracks countries I get views from. People in over 40 countries have read, or at least viewed Healthy Homeboy. That is muy loco, right? Most of my views are from the United States, but who the heck in Germany is reading my stuff. I have 33 views there. And I could spell Banana Republic, and occasionally shop there, but I would have never been able to spell Czech Republic before today. Sure enough, I have views from Czech Republic too. The Z after the C in Czech, would have killed me in a spelling bee, and so would the word rendezvous.


When my father was 16, he was smuggled from Mexico, into the U.S. in the trunk of a car. He made it to El Norte, North of the border. About 10 days ago, I did the same. No silly, I didn’t risk my life to cross a border, but I did go north of the border, to Canada, for the first time. But unlike my father who risked his life at a young age, with hopes of making a better life for himself by going north, I just went north for a family wedding and to visit Niagara Falls with my boo (wife).


Niagara Falls was awesome, or should I use the word that is used to describe everything from a simple sandwich to a kiss nowadays. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Remember, when you use the word amazing to describe anything, you have to drag it out. But before we did Niagara, we had a great time at my wife’s cousin’s wedding in Toronto. Her name is Nareesa. She married Craig, and they make an awesome looking couple.


This picture was taken right after they were declared esposo y esposa. They were very happy. The groom looked sharp, and Nareesa’s beautiful dress was only outdone by her. In all honesty, every time I have hung out with Nareesa, she is always happy, and of course, this day she was extra happy. Congratulations!


As you can see from the picture above, it was a diverse wedding, just like the planet is. And everyone, from the groom to the bride, and attendees, looked sharp. Craig, I like the top hat, nice touch. And wedding party girls, you wore the purple and gold/yellow better than the Lakers. Fellas, you know you looked fly too. (Fly is a good word, for those of you with limited slang vernacular).


The wedding reception was fun. People got tipsy, danced and sang, and all three of those actions were taking place in the above picture. I must confess, I consumed a few drinks that rhyme with Whodini, and is occasionally served with olives.


Above is the bride, groom, and his mother-in-law sharing a moment. My favorite part of the picture is the little girl next to them, staring with genuine care and excitement. That little girl’s name is Atiyah. One of my favorite pictures I took at the wedding was of Atiyah and her little brother Aydin, who was obviously more interested in his sister’s phone screen, than my spur of the moment picture-taking. That’s what little boys do, bug older sisters.


The reason the picture above is my favorite is because genuine happiness and joy is difficult to capture in a picture. Plenty of pictures have fake, forced smiles, but not the picture above. That wedding day, whenever I saw Atiyah, she was always happy. No matter if she was taking care of her younger brothers, or doing something an adult asked of her, she was all smiles. Atiyah, keep up the happy existence, and Aydin, keep rocking that spiked hair, and stay in your sister’s business. It’s what little brothers do.

Thank you Craig and Nareesa for such a great wedding and wedding reception. May you have a happy marriage, and remember that the foundation of any good relationship is compassion and friendship. I am sure you two will do just fine.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Elvis is not dead. He moved to Canada and performs by the Falls.


And to my wife, who like Atiyah, is always happy and smiling, and those of you who know Shalisa well, know I am not kidding or exaggerating. Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!





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