Car Sticker Phenomenon

Hello everyone, and good Sunday to you, wherever you may be.

Cars stickers are pretty cool right?  And some are funny too, like the ones below.

funny car stickers



Ok, now that you have a smile on your face, let’s talk about some different stickers.

I live in Maryland, and education for the youf (youth) and beyond here is no effing joke. When I first visited Silver Spring, Maryland about 12 years ago, I remember being at a party, poker night or something, and looking around and realizing I was the only one in room without some type of college degree. And the room I was in was a room full of minorities, whatever that means nowadays.

My wife has a degree, her siblings have degrees, one has a Phd even. My wife’s good friends from grade school have degrees from top U.S. Universities, and the list goes on.

I am a personal trainer, and many, almost all of my clients have degrees. So one day I came home from work and asked my wife “Do you have any friends that don’t have college degrees here in MD?” She couldn’t think of any. So I googled “Most Educated cities in the USA” and Bethesda, Maryland popped up as #1. Bethesda is about 12 miles from my home. 26.8% of adult residents in Bethesda have a Master’s Degree. WTF! That is muy loco! For the math challenged that means that 1 out of four adult peeps in Bethesda went to school, received a bachelors and said “That’s not enough school for me. I think I will keep going.” On a side note, I once played Scrabble against some Bethesda residents, and I whipped them. I was so happy because my first language isn’t even English. Most people measure their knowledge by the number of degrees that decorate their office walls, but not me, that’s too expensive. Because I don’t have an office or degrees to decorate it with, I measure my cerebral abilities by how well I can play scrabble and trivial pursuit against the educated in an inebriated state. It is called the Healthy Homeboy SAT. Scrabble Ability Test.

And guess what educated parents do? They send their kids to the best schools. I think this is awesome because education does open the doors to many opportunities. And guess what the best grade schools and high schools are here in MD? They are private, and far from cheap. And I finally figured out what parents get besides highly educated and well socialized children, when their kids go to top private schools here in MD. They get car stickers! And in bunches.

Is it just me, or stickers telling the world, because of pride I guess, that a parent’s child goes to a private school are everywhere here in MD? I was in California a few months ago, and the private school sticker phenomenon has not reached the levels that it has here, but USC placards were everywhere. I was also in Florida a month ago, or so, and the high school stickers are less apparent there too.

The biggest “decorate my 60,000 dollar car or SUV with a high school sticker” offender in these parts is Good Counsel. I live only about 5 miles from Our Lady of Good Counsel, but even when I drive in other parts of town I don’t see as many Gonzaga or Saint Johns stickers as I see Good Counsel stickers. Go Falcons!

The sticker thing was brought to my attention by an 11-year-old boy I was mentoring about a year ago through the Big Brothers of America program. Let’s just say that he didn’t live in a great part of town. We hung out about once a week.

We were driving on the highway one day, and there, in front of us, was a beautiful Cadillac Escalade, with a large sticker on the rear windshield that screamed “Good Counsel Falcons”. Because 11 year old’s are very observant and even more inquisitive, the young boy asked “What is that sticker for?” I said “It’s a high school sticker for a private school that is by my house”. Of course, my answer didn’t satisfy his curiosity. “Why would they put a sticker of their high school on their car?” he asked. Good question by the way. I was stumped for a second and said “It’s a popular school, with a good high school football team and people are proud of that” I continued “It’s no different then when our parents put an El Salvador sticker on their car because they are proud of El Salvador”. Then he got me good when he said “But El Salvador is a country, that sticker is just for a high school”. And then he said something that every time I see a Good Counsel sticker, it reminds me of him. “Why doesn’t my school have stickers for cars?”

I had no answer. What was I supposed to say, that his public school isn’t good enough, rich enough, private enough, to have stickers? So I told him the truth. People love to tell people about who they are and what they are through material things like cars, and now stickers on those material things. Then I said “Stickers of expensive schools on cars are like tattoos in the hood.” It instantly made sense to him as he said “Oh, those stickers are like telling people where you’re from”. I said “Yes it is”. The difference is stickers aren’t permanent like tattoos are, and you don’t need lasers to remove them either.

For those of you not so well versed in tattoo deciphering, the tattoo below is for the symbol of LA, taken from the Dodgers logo.


Let’s say wealthy parent form Bethesda, Maryland goes to a Los Angeles not so good part of town, you know, the hood. I am talking the real hood, like at the end of the movie “Training Day” hood. And the Bethesda highly educated parent, with children in private schools, sees several youf (youth) and young men, mostly minorities, walking around the hood with tattoos that display the street they live on, the neighborhood they live in, or the area code their phone corresponds to, tattooed all over their bodies. He might think, “That’s peculiar. Why do these young lads have the area codes 213 or 310 tattooed on their bodies? And why do they have LA, like the Dodger symbol, tattooed on their bodies too? It doesn’t make sense.” (The dude below had LA with 213 under it tattooed on his cabeza)


And just like those neighborhood and area code tattoos from the hood might not make sense to a highly educated and affluent person with offspring in private school from anywhere in the U.S. of A., the private school sticker didn’t make sense to my Little bro from a not so good part of town.


I don’t live in the hood anymore, but once in a while I will act hood-ish, and advertise my city pride with the same fervor as private school parents display their private school stickers. Above, that is I, me, or whatever is grammatically correct, showing of the sign for the city of my birth place, while standing next to Abe at a National’s game in Washington DC. I guess it is true “You can take the boy out tha hood, but you can’t take the hood out the Home Boy”.

Oh yeah, before I forget. There is a popular saying in the hood that says “It’s all good in tha hood.” Let me tell you, from personal experience, NO IT ISN’T.

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