Low Carb Dieting

Do low carbohydrate diets work? First, let us look at different types of carb containing foods and drinks. We have flour products.


We have potato products.


And America’s favorite potato product…


All of the above are mostly high carbohydrate foods because few people eat low carb bread, and only 2 pieces of it when they do, and even fewer people eat only 10 fries when they eat those perfectly salted, golden, and crisp diet killers. We love carbs.

Next we have juices and sodas.


Most of the drinks above are nothing but carbs, unless they say zero carbs on the label of course.

Next we have beer, alcohol, and wine. Most adult drinks are loaded with carbs and make your insulin levels sky-rocket. That is why you get so hungry when you drink alcohol. Insulin goes up, then it plummets hard, and then your body craves food, mostly in the form of carbs to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Drinking alcohol, eating carbs, drinking alcohol, eating carbs, drinking alcohol, and eating carbs is a common weekend and evening practice for many adults, and it is one of the main feel good activities that stops weight loss in its tracks.


Fruits have carbs too, but I will go out on a limb and say that America’s obesity epidemic is not fruit related. In my over 10 years of personal training, I have yet to meet a person who is overweight because they eat too much fruit. Orange juice, grape juice, apple juice, and other juices do not count. I am talking about actually eating real fruits.


Vegetables also have carbs, but mostly in small quantities. And I will go out on another limb and say that weight loss struggles in America are not a result of consuming too many vegetables.

So if someone is truly going to implement a low carbohydrate diet, they would eliminate pizza, pancakes, syrup, donuts, cookies, muffins, scones (what the hell is a scone?), pizza pockets, bagels, sweet bread, sour dough bread, heck, all bread then, pasta, all types of noodles (are noodles pasta?), rice (which is very high carb, but I did not cover), corn and flour tortillas, regular juice, beer, wine, liquor, ice cream, shakes, cake (I love cheesecake), those big ass coffee drinks from Starbucks which are loaded with sugar and calories, french fries, potato chips, funnel cakes, curly fries, boardwalk fries, and any other fries I have yet to learn about.

Ay caramba! What the hell is there left to eat if you truly go low carb? What is left is mostly what our ancestors ate. Well I don’t know that for sure, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Here is some of what is left on a low carb diet. Fruits, vegetables, red meat, see food, poultry, dairy products, eggs, various nuts, various beans, and water. I am sure I missed some foods that our ancestors consumed, but you get the idea.

If you’re a vegetarian, make sure you do proper food combinations to get complete proteins. If you’re a vegan, HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO IT? I would weigh like 120 pounds if I went vegan, and I am 5’11’, but more power to you. By the way, if I go under 180 pounds my grandmother says I am flaco, no not the quarterback, that’s Flacco. I am talking flaco in Spanish, as in skinny. My grandmother doesn’t think defined muscles on a thin man necessarily means healthy. She says that the human body needs fat on it. Sometimes I think she’s right. More on that on a later date.

On another side note, I was recently at a social gathering and they had an awesome selection of foods. They had these little notes on the wall, right above the containers of different foods to let attendees know the foods that were available. I arrived at one post-it-note that said “BOCA Burgers”. I thought “That’s strange, why would they call a burger a ‘mouth burger’ since boca means mouth in Spanish”. My wife saw me staring at the “Mouth Burgers” for a few seconds and she asked me what was wrong. I said “Nothing babe, but what the hell is a BOCA burger?” She laughed, she always laughs at me and the world, but more at me, and said “Those are soy burgers”. “No thanks” I thought. I like regular hamburgers. And the only soy product I like is the liquid one I splash on my sushi. (I know, I know, sushi has rice, but I never claimed I eat low carb. I eat moderate carb.)

I don’t know if our ancestors compressed soy into various types of substitute meat products for food, but if they did, have at it. I think soy is low carb too.

So unless you over do the red meat, which is calorie dense, and don’t over do some dairy products like cheese, sour cream, and butter, which are fine to eat but can also be calorie dense, a low carb diet will help you lose weight. You will lose weight for two reasons. One, you will obviously be eating less. And two, your insulin levels will be much more under control leading to less food cravings. 

You also have to be careful with various nuts, they are also calorie dense because of their fat content.

If you’re a low carb skeptic, and you are trying to lose weight, try the following. Weigh yourself today, and for the next 100 days do not eat any flour products. We will call it the “100 Day Challenge”. I bet that after 100 days of zero flour consumption, you will be lighter, guaranteed. Or if that is too difficult, for the next 100 days eliminate drinking calories, especially from juice and adult drinks. That means you will mostly drink water, even with dinner. I bet you lose weight. How much you wanna bet? One dollar, ok, perfect.


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