“No Excuses” Walking/Exercise Group

“It’s too hot to walk outside” is the most common excuse I hear from clients, and people in general, when I ask them to M.Y.A (move your ass) outside to lose weight. “I don’t like sweating” is another excuse I get.

Man sweating very badly under armpit

Well, guess what? Unless you live in San Diego, California or some other beautiful city where it is almost never humid and rarely over 100 degrees, you are  going to have to walk outside and sweat when it’s hot, if you’re going to lose weight.


Yesterday, here in the Silver Spring, Maryland area the temperature was about 97 degrees, but with the humidity it felt more like 105. Damn! Muy caliente. Because it was so hot yesterday, I wondered if my walkers in my “Walkers for Weight Loss” walking group would be M.I.A. instead of M.Y.A. this morning.


As you can see in the picture above, they showed up, and the temperature was already in the 80’s and it was humid as two steam rooms in hell. We walked about 2 miles, if not more, and did calisthenics and weights. Sweat was dripping, and there was some huffing and puffing, but no complaining. All the ladies were motivated and very supportive of each other. Good job ladies, and great job detoxifying (sweating) and burning some calories on a hot and humid Saturday morning.

Hey walking group, I just talked to Michelle to invite her to the walking group next week. She said she appreciates the invitation but she she’s busy doing some other things so she can’t attend. I can’t believe she turned my walking group down. What can she possibly have to do that is more important than our kick ass group? She said she told her husband about our group, and he gave her a message to pass on to me so I could pass on to you.




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