Think Before You Ink!

Just a few years ago, if you misspelled something, you could get a pass. But now, with computers and smart phones, which are really just computers disguised as phones, everywhere, you have no excuse for misplaced or omitted letters when writing. And if you are a tattoo artist, you better have a dictionary, computer, or smart phone on you at all times. If you don’t, some of the following might happen.

bad tattoo 1

And too lazy to go to school.


And your tattoo artist doesn’t know how to spell.


This guy was dealt the hand of not being able to spell, and he played his hand horribly.


After seeing this tattoo, anything is “possbile”.


Yes, I agree with his feelings because the scholastic system has failed him.


The above tattoo is comedy and tragedy.


While others keep laughing.


Actually, I bleed to know I am injured. You’re a menso.


This tattoo just might prove that consumption of meat is important for the development of the part of the brain that helps humans spell.


But God did forget to teach your tattoo artist how to spell and write legibly.

And finally, the girl below sleeps with both eyes open.

tattoo eyes

If you lyke my blog, your welcome. I have no regerts. I belive I am providing a  grate service to socitey. I can make fun of peeple becuz I know how to spell and I never mispell words. I am blest to have you as a friend. Thanks for you’re support. If you need help writing an es-ay or report for scool, I will help you for free. But I warn you, the es-ay you hand in mite be so well writen that your teachor mite think you cheeted.


Regarding plagiarism, I have been asked, several times now, if I really do write everything that is on my blog. Yes I do. I do not have a ghost writer, and I do not cut and paste paragraphs or even sentences, for that matter. If I re-blog information from another blog, which I have not yet, I will give full credit to the blog and blogger. Up to now, everything on Healthy Homeboy has been written by Hector Vargas. I take being asked “Do you really write everything on your blog?” as a compliment. Yes, I write errything on my blog. By the way, my first language is Spanish, but I can’t write in Spanish. Weird, I know. (I just noticed in the picture above that one of my nostrils is bigger than the other. That is so cool.)


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