Motivation For Fitness

What is old? I have heard people in their 30’s complain that they are getting old. What? Seriously? The San Antonio Spurs, who are in the NBA Finals as I type, are constantly called old because some of their star players are in their 30’s. Floyd Mayweather JR., an undefeated professional boxer is 36 years young and is an absolute machine. He may be athletically gifted, but he still busts his ass and diets to maintain his weight and undefeated record. Old, I don’t think so.

floyd mayweather

Don’t call Tao-Porchon-Lvnch old. She is the world’s oldest yoga instructor at an exuberant and graceful age of 94 years young! She is pictured below.


How about Johanna Quaas? She is the oldest gymnast in the world at a young and spry 87 years old.

johanna 2

Johanna is my new fitness hero.

older gymnast

Ok, ok, so you don’t see yourself as old, but you have other physical challenges and that is why you don’t workout, no problem. Alex Minsky is missing part of his leg. War Veterans serve our country with little thought paid to life and limb. This former Devil Dog, that means U.S. Marine, could have sulked, complained, and seen the worst of his situation, but obviously he didn’t. He is now a fitness model. (His recovery after he lost his leg in Afghanistan was brutal. For a period after his amputation, alcohol and I am sure other substances, consumed his life to numb his pain and emotions. Move over “negative outlook on life”, look at him now).

former marine model

Now before you just skim over the picture and text above, like it’s a compressed piece of useless uninspiring information (tweeting), do yourself a favor and think about what it must have felt like to wake up one day, after an explosion and a coma, and realize that part of your leg was missing. That has to be physically and emotionally crushing.

Think about how challenging it was for this former Marine, with his Marine pride, to start working-out again. It isn’t like he could just go back to the gym and jump on a treadmill and then go do squats and lunges. He probably had to learn how to walk, jog, run, sprint, ride a bike, swim, and all other activities involving both legs, all over again.


I am sure he doesn’t feel great, full of energy, dynamic, or “simply amazing” every time he works out. I am sure he still has pain from his injury. And then there is phantom leg syndrome, in which an amputee feels as if the missing limb is still there and working properly. Now those are some challenges for your ass.

It is a fallacy that every time people who workout, or are in great shape,  head to the gym, they feel great. The human body is not a machine. If it was, we would be able to hook ourselves up to our computers and get a daily printout of vital signs, blood-work, and current emotional state, but we can’t. The human body’s function is not that simple. We are complex physical and emotional machines.

black and white roller coaster

Life is absolutely a roller-coaster ride. Think of all the ups and downs you have had during this calendar year alone, let alone your life. We don’t always feel great, and that is ok. What matters is the effort you put into the goals you have regardless of how you feel. The address to weight-loss is 12345 Get Off Your Butt No Matter What Way, in the City of  Ups and Downs. The girl below is the landlord there. (I don’t know her personally). 

before and after weight loss

You’re tired? Go workout.You’re anxious? Go workout. You’re angry? Go workout. You’re depressed? Go workout. I promise you one thing, just one. If you start your workout not feeling so great physically and your mental state matches the lethargy of your physical state, by workout’s end, you will feel better. I see it in my clients over and over and over and over…again. Exercise is the bodies free medicine, with few or any side effects. I just lied, oops. Side effects for exercise include but are not limited to: Decreasing blood pressure, losing weight, less joint pain, anti-depressant effects, more energy, healthier skin, lowering of bad cholesterol levels, and last but not least, a boatload of good self-esteem.

Remember, this post is for those of you who truly want to lose weight. I hope that some of the above examples inspire you in your weight loss challenge, and any other worthwhile goals you may have.



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