Weight Loss, The Power of .1, or One Tenth

A deep underwater sea earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption disrupts the ocean floor. Mega-tons of water are displaced, creating a wave that zooms across the ocean surface towards land at 500 miles per hour. Because the wave lengths are so long, the ocean surface only rises about 3 feet out at sea. A ship out in the open water would probably barely feel or detect the enormous tsunami wave moving under it. As the wave approaches land the sea floor becomes shallower and shallower, forcing the wave to decrease its speed to about 50 mph. But as the wave’s velocity decreases, the height of the wave increases because all that water has to go somewhere. And then SPLASH and SMASH!, the millions of gallons of water that were displaced hours earlier hit land and travel inland for miles. Destruction ensues, and Anderson Cooper is on-site like in 5 minutes. That dude is everywhere. Isn’t he? I personally think there is more than one Anderson Cooper.


Above, how a tsunami wave grows as it approaches land. Below, before and after pictures of tsunami power. If you look closely you will see Anderson Cooper amongst the rubble and people, like he always seems to be.


Tsunami Weight Gain

It’s about 7:00 PM on a Sunday evening. As you watch Anderson Cooper wondering how he is in Thailand covering a tsunami, when  27 minutes ago he was in New York city, you enjoy a nice healthy dinner.  At dinner’s conclusion, you decide to have some “harmless” ice cream for dessert, because you deserve it at the end of a long weekend. And besides, tomorrow is Monday, back to the grind. Three-hundred and fifty excess calories in the form of Rocky Road disrupt your stomach floor and create a wave of insulin. And because 350 calories is 1/10th of 3,500 calories, and 3,500 calories constitute a pound of fat, you gain .1 pounds in one day. I know, math was a long time ago and “so yesterday”, but it is important for this post and some college degrees.


So you “harmlessly” gain .1 pound in one day. Let’s say you weighed 140 pounds before your innocent looking dessert last night, well today you weigh 140.1 pounds. No big deal right? You continue with a consumption-wave of an excess 350 calories a day, every day, for the next few months. One tenth of a pound gained in a day never hurt anyone. No harm no foul, so you think.

one tenth

Above is one tenth, for those of you visual learners. A dime is also one tenth of a dollar, for you mathematically challenged. If you didn’t know that a dime is a tenth of a dollar, do not go into accounting or try to invest in stocks on your own. Math is critical in those endeavours. Now back to the story.

Ten sunrises go by, that means 10 days, and the energy displacement you have created by an innocent looking and feeling 350 excess calories a day have led to a pound gained, because one tenth multiplied by ten equals 1. There’s that damn math again. The scale says 141 now, instead of 140. No big deal right? The tsunami-wave of excess calories traveling throughout your body almost goes unnoticed. What harm is there in one pound gained in 10 days? Besides, you still weigh 140-ish pounds and it’s easy to lose a pound.

At the current rate of .1 pounds of weight gained a day, every day, you gain 1 pound every 10 days, and 3 pounds every 30 days, or month. A month has gone by, about 30 sunrises, and that harmless tenth of a pound gained daily now shows itself as 143 on the scale instead of 140. So what, no big deal, your weight is still 140-ish.

Blank September 2010 calendar BS1

Six months go by, and now the .1 pound daily weight gain has totaled 18 extra pounds on the scale. Here comes the tsunami weight gain. Instead of the 140 you weighed 6 months ago, now at 158 pounds, you’re closer to 160 than 140. Now it’s becoming a big deal.


A year goes by, and bye, and that tenth of a pound gained daily that seemed so “harmless” and could barely be felt by you months ago, like a fishing boat barely feels a tsunami wave traveling under it out in the ocean, is now 36 extra pounds on the scale. The one year ago 140 pounds on the scale has morphed into a 176 pounds, and now you’re pissed! The tsunami weight-gain wave floods your body and violently crashes into your emotions. All hell breaks loose in your ocean of emotions. You sit, think, and backtrack. “How did this happen? I don’t remember eating 36 pounds of excess food this past year. I thought I was doing great. I mean, I eat good, sometimes. I workout, sometimes. I know I have some junk food here and there, but no way did I eat enough to gain 36 pounds in a year”.

Ocean of Emotions, Settle Down

Thanks for enduring my story that went from bad to worse, and then to worse than worse, and had you gaining 36 pounds in a year. I did it to prove to you how easy it is to lose weight. Yes, you read that correctly. You, my dear weight-loss friend, can create a tsunami weight-loss wave by losing a tenth of a pound a day. Just reverse the above example.

You will displace 350 calories a day by walking, or doing some other physical activity, and cutting back on foods you know you shouldn’t be consuming.

burger vs apple

Ten days go by, and you have been eating less and healthier, moving more, and drinking your water like I recommended. You even cut back on your adult drink, empty calorie consumption. You weigh yourself after what you feel has been 10 days of Marine like discipline and dedication to your weight-loss plan, and all you have lost is one measly pound.


You’re a bit disappointed. But don’t forget, you’re doing “tsunami weight-loss”. And what seems insignificant on the surface after 10 days of dieting and moving, is really a powerful wave of positive emotions, daily discipline, and a positive energy shift within you which will shake you up soon enough. The first wave of happiness and sense of accomplishment will come after six short months, when you have lost about 18 pounds. Then the real mama-jama (Is that even a word?) wave will hit about a year later, bringing with it elevated self-esteem, shopping for smaller sized clothes, and a new you.


We gain weight over time, and we lose it over time. Both are powerful, but as far as weight-loss goes, only one is empowering. Now go empower yourself.





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