Why Do We Gain Weight so Damn Easy?





Arizona Iced Tea

arizone iced tea









Mountain Dew

mountain dew



White Potatoes



wine and grapes




What do all of the above have in common? They are all either low-fat or non-fat foods or drinks. But guess what? All of the above, consumed in excess, lead to fat gain. How could that be? How could something that has zero or very low-fat cause someone to gain weight/fat?

funny weight gain

It is very simple. All of the foods and drinks I named above are calorie dense. They are all carbohydrates too. Carbohydrates are fuel for our brains and muscles. So when someone eats or drinks these foods and they don’t use them as fuel for exercise and thinking, the excess fuel turns into fat, and it is stored on the human body for later use. Fat on the human body is just energy waiting to be used.

The human body does not know or even care that humans do not like fat on the body. The human body is not vain, we are. The human body knows self-preservation: the innate desire to stay alive. So it stores excess energy as fat for survival. Fat is on the body in case of a rainy day called “starving” or food scarcity. Fortunately for most of us, those rainy days never show their ugly faces. For many of us, food is plentiful, even if it’s crappy food.

no fast food

We are so geared for survival that you can’t even hold your breath for more than 4 or 5 minutes under or above water. You don’t believe me? Go ahead, try it. Your body won’t let you because it wants to survive. We can hold our heads under water for only so long before we are overwhelmed by a survival instinct, that I am sure is somewhere in the reptilian brain, and our heads rush out of the water and we gasp for air.


When you accidentally touch something that is hot, why do you think your hand jumps away from the hot object before you even know what happened? Because your body doesn’t want to get hurt and hinder it’s survival mission.

When you get hot, you sweat to survive. The body does not want to overheat.


When you see kids swimming and its cold, and they shake like crazy when they get out of the pool, their bodies are shaking to create heat. The body doesn’t want to freeze. The human body will do everything in its power to survive. And if you really get cold, your body will rush all the blood and heat to its vital organs: brain, heart, and lungs, to survive. Even if it is to the detriment of your fingers, ears, and toes. (frostbite)

By now, I am sure you get the point. The body is all about self-preservation, and that is why we gain weight very easily. When we pee and poop, it is waste products that the body does not need that we are excreting. Everything else we eat that can be used, will be used to fuel the body and repair it. But here is the harsh truth: once our fuel levels are restored, our bodies repaired, and waste removed through activities #1 and #2, almost everything else that the body can use as fuel will be stored as fat.


So ladies, the next time you are with a group of your lady friends sharing the “I have no idea why I gain weight so easily” stories, over some drinks for Happy Hour, you kindly interrupt their bewilderment and say “I know why we gain weight”.  A great silence happy with anticipation will take over the group, like if you were about to pull out the new i-phone 7s out of your purse or something. You look all your friends in the eyes and say “We humans gain weight easily because it is what we evolved to be able to do in order to survive. We, as in the human body, are efficient machines that need only about 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day to survive. Any and all excess calories that we consume will be stored as fat”. All your girlfriends will be in awe of your knowledge that you didn’t have to Google to attain and recite. They might even order you another colorful drink because you are so brilliant.

We easily gain fat because the body is geared for it.



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