Cancun Trip, Part 1

Hello everyone. Did you miss me? I missed you guys. I was in Cancun for a about 5 days with family and friends. It was awesome. The weather and scenery was perfect. I will share some pictures with you with captions under them. I will share the pictures in 2 separate posts because I went crazy with the picture taking, damn tourists.


Just arrived in Cancun, and we are all smiles.

On our way to hotel

On our way to hotel.


Healthy Homeboy does not diet on vacation. Ready to relax and feel good.


I do everything to extremes, including smiling.

Shalisa and Ruth.

The ladies smiling before dinner at the hotel.

Whatever that is, it looks awesome.

The chef at work.

Group picture with singers in background.

Group picture of everyone on our trip, except the guys with instruments, they are from Mexico.


One shot of many more to come on trip.

View from our room

View from our room.

Having breakfast out in town.

Breakfast in town. A real Mexican breakfast. Esto no es Taco Bell.

Mario's hat takes the cake, I mean, the tequila.

Shopping for Agave juice with my brother-in-law.


Iguanas are everywhere in Cancun. This one was about 2 feet long.

Can you spot the iguana?

Iguanas are great camouflage artists. Can you spot the iguana?


Another iguana hiding out in the open.


This was the biggest iguana I saw while on one of my morning walks. It was about 3 to 4 feet long.


A handsome sleeper, I am not.

Mother and daughter.

My sister and her beautiful daughter. Ok sister, you’re beautiful too.


Volleyball time.

Mexican Bingo night, aka, Loteria. Nice hat Oscar.

My BFF of almost 29 years and my boo(wife) chatting it up over a game of loteria (Mexican bingo, sort of).


Hanging out in town.

They even have medicine for i-pods in Mexico.

In Mexico, even i-pod ailments can be cured.

Breakfast at Mercado 28, where the locals eat.

Group picture.


I begged and begged this indigenous street vendor to let me take a picture with her. At first she resisted, but eventually she found my charm irresistible. And the 5 dollars I gave her also helped.


I usually don’t smoke, but when I do, I prefer Cuban cigars. Stay healthy my friends.

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