How High Can I Jump?

Check out my hops.

hops and beer

No, not the hops above. Those are for beer and stuff. I am talking about playground hops, like “How high can I jump?’ hops.

I was watching an NBA playoff game and wondered if I can touch a 10ft high basketball rim. The NBA players make it look so easy, but many of them are 6 ft 5 inches tall and even more. I am 5’11’. I put myself up to the challenge and even recorded it. Let’s see how I did.

Eat your heart out LeBron. Lol.


Check out my jumping shoes. Vans. You can take the boy out of California, but I guess you can’t take California out of the boy/man. I wonder if expensive basketball shoes would help me jump higher. Sounds like a “Healthy Homeboy Challenge”. Stay tuned…

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