How to Track Your Weight Loss

Keeping track of your weight-loss progress is very important. Many people who are trying to lose weight fear weigh-ins, measurements, etc., and it is understandable, but it must be done.

If you do the 3 “VIA-Wellness” facets of a weight loss, you will lose weight, guaranteed. Before going over the weight loss tracking methods, let’s go over the 3 facets of weight loss.

First, and most important, is proper food consumption and in the correct quantities.

good food

The next part of the 3 pronged attack for weight loss is movement. You must move a few hours per week. Please refer to my M.Y.A. post for more information. Any movement is good movement, even yard work.

yard work

The final part of my VIA weight loss attack is resistance training. Try to lift weights a few times per week. It boosts metabolism and helps burn fat off even while you’re not working out.


Now that you’re doing everything the right way to lose weight, the following is the best way to track your progress.

First, you must weigh yourself. Don’t weigh yourself everyday, you will drive yourself crazy with your normal weight fluctuations.

weight scale

I recommend you weigh yourself at the same time of day, and in the exact same clothes every time. First thing in the morning, in your birthday suit, is probably best. First thing in the morning you are in a fasted state, unless you sleep walk and eat. And in most cases, the morning is when you weigh the least during the day. I recommend you weigh yourself no more than once per week.

The second way to track your progress is measurements. The most important measurement is the stomach area, followed by the hips. When measuring the stomach area try to measure at the widest point. Relax, and do not hold your breath or make your tummy stick out. Just be in your normal stance.  For most of my clients, the belly button is a good reference point. It will allow for consistent measurements.

tape measure around waist

Weight can fluctuate, but if you’re losing inches, you’re losing fat, and the tape measure will not lie. It is a great tool. For most people, the waist is the first place the weight starts to leave when on a weight loss plan.

Next site to measure is the hips/buttocks area. Buttocks is a weird word. The first time I heard the word buttocks was when Forrest Gump was telling President Johnson that he got shot in the “buttocks” in Vietnam.


Measure at the widest part of your hips. I know, you don’t want to measure your waist and hips because it just reminds you of the weight you need to lose, right? Well, again, it’s the best way to track your progress and I’m just trying to help.


The hips and waist are 2 great areas of the body to track inches lost. I also measure arms, thigh area, calves, neck, and shoulder area on my clients, but the 2 areas I talked about are enough.

The next and final way to track your weight loss progress requires you to know someone who is proficient with body-fat caliper use. That would be me.

body fat calipers

Body-fat calipers come in different shapes and sizes, like humans, but they all do the same thing, unlike humans. The main thing they do is pinch, ouch, your fat to get a measurement. My wife calls them “flabber grabbers”.  Once you get over the mental and physical discomfort of having someone pinch your fat, you will be fine. The calipers tell you in millimeters, how much fat you have in certain areas of your body. If the person who measures you is proficient with this technique, he or she can actually tell you your body fat percentage.

With the 3 tools I gave you, weighing yourself, measurements in inches, and body fat calipers, you will be able to get a much better idea on how your weight-loss is progressing.

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