Food for Thought, and Body

A few weeks ago I visited the National Museum of American History in Washington DC. It was pretty awesome. One of my favorite displays was of gowns and shoes worn by our First Ladies during their hubbies presidency. I didn’t take any pictures, so you must go to the museum yourself. If I know you, and like you, you can even stay at my house and I will take you myself, for a small fee. Haha.

first lady

This is my home-girl, The First Lady. Don’t worry about it, I know her like that. The First Lady is checking out her clothes at the museum with Jimmy Choo, one of her designers, at her side. I always do that too. No, not hang out with Jimmy Choo, I am talking about staring at my clothes, but they’re not in a museum, they’re at my casa. Half asleep in the mornings, I swing my closet door open, stare blankly at my clothes and think “What should I wear today? I know, t-shirt and shorts”.

There were also some complex pieces of machinery at the museum. Mankind’s drive to create and invent things is persistent and amazing. There were old grandfather clocks from the late 1800’s. These clocks were huge, and they had the back open so you can can see all the complex metal parts, big pieces and little pieces, and how they all fit together with ridiculous precision.


There was also a huge steam locomotive there. It was not a replica, it was real, and it was a monstrosity. The first full-scale working rail-way steam locomotive was built-in 1804. For the calculator needy, mathematically challenged, that is over 200, yes 200, years ago!


Fast forward a few weeks.

fast forward

Yesterday I was driving home and a Ferrari zoomed by me. It was awesome. I was going to challenge the Ferrari to a race, but my Honda Accord wimped out.


And I got to thinking. By the way, my wife says I think too much. I got to thinking “That Ferrari is a damn complex piece of machinery. Thousands of parts have to fit perfectly together for it to run.” Then I ran away with my thoughts. You know how you can do that when your driving home by yourself, hungry. Sometimes my thoughts get away from me, but not this time. This time I ran with them.

Ferrari’s, locomotives, air planes, space shuttles, fighter jets,  and motorcycles, just to name a few, are all complex pieces of machinery that require specific fuel to run optimally and efficiently.

light bulb brain

Then the light bulb turned on in my cabeza with the following:

The human body is a much a more complicated piece of machinery than any of the vehicles and clocks I previously mentioned, exponentially more complex. Humans cannot be made from scratch like machines. In most cases, you need two to tango, and then 9 months later, there’s a little Hector running around looking for his computer so he can start a blog. Well it works something like that.

human body

Think about it, the human body is so complex and demanding in its fuel requirements that if it’s deprived of oxygen for more than about 15 minutes, the brain will never work correctly again, if at all. If you go without water for more than 10 days or so, you will be in deep trouble too. The wild part is that we take oxygen for granted, I know I do. And water, luckily for us, is everywhere.

If the human body and all its organs is more complex than all the machine’s and vehicles man has ever created, shouldn’t we treat it so? Shouldn’t we provide our bodies with the best and cleanest fuel we can possibly afford? Of course we should.

human body organs

It’s simple, if you do the 80/20 rule. If 80% of the time you drink water, eat your fruits and vegetables, and eat cleanly cooked meats and seafood, your body will do just fine. Your body will detoxify the 20%  of human fuel that is beers, liquor, sugar-drinks, pizza, burgers, and everything else we love so much, me included.

Throughout your lifetime you will use various vehicles to get you from point A to point B and beyond. But you get one, and just one, human body, the one you have. Your body is “your true life’s vehicle”. It goes with you everywhere you go. It will be with you in every picture you ever take.

You are the real Ferrari. Take care of it.

pizza martini

With that being said, who wants to join me for some Martinis and pizza?

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