The Great Outdoors


For my birthday last month, my wife got me an i-phone, but I pay the bill, so I am still trying to figure out the gift part. I’m also trying to figure out why Apple calls it a phone. It is more like a computer that you can make phone calls on. I like my “i-pocket computer that has the ability to make phone calls”.

One of my favorite apps, of the about 5 I use, is the weather app. I have family and friends in California and Florida, so I’m always looking at the weather there. My wife has family in Toronto, so I have that city’s weather handy too. I also track Cancun’s weather. Cancun’s weather always looks like the following: Today it will be 80 and sunny, tomorrow 85 and sunny, the next day 87 and sunny, then a cooling trend will arrive and it will be 75 to 80 degrees for a week. Cancun’s weather-men  have an easy job.


And finally, on my list of cities for my weather app, I have Silver Spring, MD, the city where I reside. Reside sounds so much fancier than live, right? That’s why edumication is so impoe-tint. I glanced at next week’s weather prediction for Silver Spring and it said we will be in the mid 70’s next week. Yahoo! Praise the Lord, Allah, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Buddha, or whatever you believe in. Spring is here! Spring is here!

Why the keyboard excitement Healthy Homeboy? I am excited because I like the outdoors. I like to walk outdoors, jog outdoors, and run outdoors. Well, the running part has its stipulations. I don’t like running unless I am chasing someone who has a ball, or I am being chased because I have a ball. Here’s some advice for you. If I am running with a ball, and you are chasing me, chances are you won’t catch me. Challenges to my sprinting ability will be accepted by email or you can post it here on Healthy Homeboy, and it will be settled outside. lol. In the picture below, I am the guy in the middle. Don’t tell Usain “Lightning” Bolt I said that.


One of the things I like to do is ride my mountain bike, great exercise I might add. But for me, riding a bicycle only works outdoors, and Spring allows for that. I have tried riding a bike indoors. You know, those stationary bikes that get you nowhere and provide zero sight seeing, (yawn) b-o-r-i-n-g. With no sun, and an air-conditioned gym, I can’t even break a sweat on indoor bikes. I like to sweat.  Sweating is very beneficial. It is one of the ways our bodies detoxify. So before you go on a Dr. Oz detox diet that involves exotic vegetables and lemon juice, or try detox teas, try nature’s natural detox mechanism, sweating.

Spring is also pretty neat because children and adults sprout up in the neighborhood like new flowers or trees that I had never noticed before. Winter in these parts hides people for about 4 to 5 months, December to April, in two ways. First, people cover up with more clothes because it’s just cold or cool, beanies included. Second, people stay indoors because outdoor activities are limited in the cold months. So for a few months you don’t see people outdoors in the neighborhood, and then when you see folks in the Spring, it’s like a brand new set of humans.


In those 4 to 5 months of winter cover up, change takes place. Kids get taller and bigger, so fast. Some people have grown out new hair styles. Some adults have kept their New Year’s resolutions and shed some pounds. And because of their weight loss, they have bought new clothes to show off their new figures, and now they really look different. Some adult’s New Year’s resolutions went out the window on January 1st, along with last years calendars, and they might look different too. Either way, Spring is here, and it brings new sights and sounds.


As your fitness advisor, I must tell you the following. If next week, where you live it will be above 70 degrees, get outdoors and do something. I’m talking something physical, barbecuing doesn’t count. You can B-B-Q after your outdoor activity. Your outdoor activity doesn’t have to be anything super strenuous. You can walk or even jog if you feel loco. You can play catch with someone. You can shoot some hoops. Or you can do like me, and maybe go for a bike ride. Oh, before I forget, I am starting a weight loss walking group in my area next week and the weather should be perfect.


In closing, under the sun outdoor activities will raise your vitamin D levels, burn some calories, make you feel better, and detoxify your body. Not bad, for a something that is free.



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