Happy Easter my Peeps

Good morning everyone, and happy  Easter. If you don’t celebrate Easter, still, happy Easter. Let’s just be happy because we are all each others peeps.

my peeps

I went to a good friends 75th birthday party last night. We grew up together. That was just an attention grabber, of course we didn’t grown up together. I’m almost half his age, but I am gaining. The 3 quarter century year old is my wife’s uncle, Shiek Mohamed. The party was a great time because of the variety of people that attended. An event that took place over 60 years ago made the party possible.

I never met Iboo Mohamed, my father-in-law, who was Shiek’s oldest brother. He was from Guyana. Dr. Mohamed passed away before I met my wife.

guyan map

Only kitchen table family stories have given me enough information to construct a picture of Dr. Mohamed’s life. As much as I am interested in the man that gave my wife some of her genetic blueprint, I rarely ask questions about him out of respect for him. His friends and family loved him, and especially my mother in law, that I am certain of.

Iboo Mohamed was born to poverty in Guyana in 1936, he was the oldest of 8 children. The American dream brought him to the United States in 1953. His intelligence and work ethic led to his dentistry practice, and a chance encounter with my mother-in-law led to their three children. One of those children, his youngest daughter, is my wife. Now back to the party.

Social gatherings are an interesting study for me. I use to have to have some wine to lift my spirits at events like last night’s party, but I have learned I can be just as interesting and comical, and party attendees too, without a buzz. Think about it this way, if I drank last night, I wouldn’t be writing this story at 8 am today. Because when Healthy Homeboy drinks adult beverages, the health is out the window, and I am just “Homeboy”.

Martini with Olives

Once the obligatory hello’s, and hugs and kisses were out of the way, people at the party settled in and the comfort level increased. The adult drinks started flowing, conversations got louder, sharing i-phone pictures and videos became the adult entertainment, and laughter ensued. Then the birthday cakes came out, yes cakes.

One cake had a big 75 on it for Shiek’s birthday, and another cake had a bunch of names on it for anyone attending the party who was born in March. My wife and I are March babies, so our names were on the cake too. When it came time to eat, my wife and I ate our names.


A crowd gathered around the cakes to blow out the candles. The newly turned 75 year old, his 3 teenage grandchildren, his 2 teenage grand-nieces, and teenage grand-nephew were ready for “happy birthday to you” singing, blowing out the candles, and consumption of cake and ice cream, and that’s where it hit me. Iboo Mohamed, my father-in-law, who passed away before I could meet him, played a large role in this picture, without physically being there. (Uncle Shiek is in the green shirt, and I apologize for the clarity, or lack thereof, of the picture.)


Because Dr. Mohamed came to this country over 60 years ago, made something great of himself and then brought his brothers and sisters to the U.S., those teenagers were in the picture. It works like this:

Dr. Mohamed comes to this country. His brothers soon follow, in large part because of him. His brothers get married to women they meet here in the U.S., and they have children. Those children have children, resulting in the teenagers in the picture above. Confusing, but true and incredible.

Here’s another one. If Dr. Mohamed never comes to the U.S., he never meets Beverly, my mother-in-law. My wife would have not been born, and I would not be writing this exact post! I wouldn’t even have this blog, because she set it up for me.

So what the heck is this post about Healthy Homeboy? It is to let you know how special you are. Think of all the events that took place for you to have the parents you have, and be where you are today. Go ahead and retrace the steps. You are a statistical improbability, but you are here.

Happy Easter!!

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