Sugar Drinks and Weight Loss

Probably the #1 question I get regarding weight less goes something like this. “Hector, what is the easiest and best thing I can do for weight loss, or to maintain a current weight?” The answer, without hesitation is to replace all sugar drinks you consume with water, as much as possible. Don’t believe the commercials, you don’t need Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, or any other performance enhancing calorie containing liquid. Those sugar drink making companies are after the high performance of their stocks and pockets, not your health. And I don’t want to hear that “Kobe and LeBron drink Gatorade and they’re not overweight”. Well for starters, we don’t know what they are really drinking out of those tiny cups that say Gatorade during a game. And second of all, if you look like LeBron or Kobe, you have my permission drink all the sugar drinks you desire. Now back to my story.

sugar drinks

At the gym, I have seen people busting their arses on a cardio machine. I observe as they are in true, bust arse, look good for the summer workout mode. They have their nice expensive headphones on, connected to an i-something, and listening to some music that inspires them and gets them in the zone. They’re also sweating, so I know they are working hard. And then, my fitness heart is broken. I look in front of them, to where those cup holders are on the cardio machine, next to all the bright lights on the display that lets you know how hard you are working compared to you treadmill neighbor, and what do I see? In the cup/drink holder I see some sugar performance drink that they sip on and finish while they do cardio. It doesn’t make sense to drink calories while you burn calories. I wish I could say something to them, but people hate to be told what they are doing wrong. So I will tell you about it, and you can spread the Healthy Homeboy palabra.

If a person burns 300 calories working on a cardio machine, but during the workout they drink 200 calories from Gatorade, the net calories burned is 100. If the same person drinks only water throughout his or her workouts, they will burn what the machine says and even more if they go do some weights after their cardio battle. For most people, the purpose of working out is to burn calories and to create a stimulus that your body will respond to by becoming stronger, and with fat burning, leaner. Don’t sabotage the calorie burning part of the equation by consuming crap calories during your workouts.


Now, to everyday life. Let’s say someone drinks a 32 oz Coke, Pepsi, Arizona Ice Tea or any other sugar drink throughout the day, everyday, weekends included. That’s about 300 calories of junk calories that the human body does not need and has zero nutritious value. If someone decided to follow my advice and trade in water for their sugar drinks, they would be creating a daily 300 calorie deficit in their bodies without having to set foot in a gym. That’s a very simple way to start losing weight, WITHOUT having to exercise. Now, if you add exercise to that water for juice trade, the weight will really start to fly off. It works, trust me.

So my advice for you today is, if you are on a weight loss journey, trade in your sugar drinks for water. I must remind my 21 and over crew that alcohol is also liquid calories and adds soldiers to the opposition in the “Battle of the Bulge”. If a person creates a daily 300 calorie deficit by giving up sugar drinks or the evening 3 beers and replacing them with water, in a week they will have avoided 2100 calories or in essence, burned them off. In a month that’s about 9,000 calories which is about 2 and 1/2 pounds of fat loss. In 12 months, that’s easily 20 t0 25 pounds of weight loss, and may I remind you that this is WITHOUT EXERCISE, just liquid diet change.

I don’t always drink liquids while I workout, but when I do, I prefer water. Stay healthy my friends.

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