Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. Wow, my first blog entry. I thank you readers for taking the time out of your busy lives, especially parents, to read my words. Parents are so busy.

So, what is Healthy Homeboy about? Well first, let us look at the word homeboy. What’s its definition? Homeboy: a boy or man from ones neighborhood, region, or hometown. Sounds pretty accurate to me except for one important factor in the Homeboy world. For someone to be your true homeboy, you have to be friends with that person.  Just because they are from your part of town does not make them your homeboy or homegirl. You must have more than a just hello and goodbye relationship and be good friends. Confused? Don’t worry, I will do my best to clear up the homeboy definition confusion.

Let’s say some politicians from opposing political parties are at a local pub in Washington DC getting their buzz on. Inebriation beckons because they have had a long day serving their constituents doing what’s best for the people, we hope. Sequestration and filibustering have replaced the “fiscal cliff” as the newest emergency, and there they are, a Republican and a Democrat getting faded off the Goose. (That means they are getting intoxicated drinking Grey Goose). So, the question is, are they homeboys? Can the Republican, after having three Martinis look over at the Democrat and say “Wudup homie?”, and really mean it? The truth is that he or she can say “wudup homie”, but it will lack conviction because they are not true friends, and they both know it. They do not see eye to eye on many issues, and sometimes, they even talk negative behind each others back like high school kids. True homies don’t do that.

Homie, homeboy, or homegirl, is just another term for friend. Here is your friend definition reminder. Friends care about friends. Friends will go with friends to eat and pay for that friend if they are financially unstable for whatever reason. Friends babysit other friends kids with joy and appreciation for the opportunity to share time with someone elses children. Friends lend friends money and don’t put a “pay back by date” on the loan. I know, that’s a tough one. Friends listen to friends and are a shoulder to cry on, a face to laugh at, and a person to just chill with. Friends can get into a verbal fight, and then laugh about it and be friends again. Now ask yourself, how many friends do you have? That’s exactly the amount of homeboys and homegirls you have, plus one. The plus one is me.

Today is your lucky day. I am your homie! Don’t rub your eyes for clarity, and it is not a type-o. You have gained Healthy Homeboy, that would be me again, as your friend. Your probably thinking “How could I be your homie if we haven’t even met?”  I will make you a deal. If you are reading these words you either care enough about me and my writings that you are reading as a sort of favor, or the word health has brought you to my blog. Either way, you care about me or your health, and I am good with that. The deal is, you care about me or yourself and in doing so you have gained a friend. You have gained an internet-homie. I just made that term up. On a side note, if you are already my friend, and you read my blog, you are a true homie. No need to tell you who you are, but I will pretty much do anything for you.

Ok, now that we have answered the age-old “what is a true homie?” question, and Confucius and Plato are happy in heaven, I will tell you why I put the word healthy in front of homeboy. I am about health and fitness. I am about many other things, but health and fitness are a large part of my life. It is what I do and I enjoy it. Since my teenage years and then my young adult years in the Marines, I have been about working out and staying fit. I have never done steroids. Heck, I only weigh a few lbs north of 180, if I did anabolic steroids I would be much bigger/buffer. I just try to eat clean, lift weights, do some cardio, and try to teach others that same lifestyle so they can lose weight and be fit.

I like to teach. My blog will contain useful workout and weight loss information laced with fun paragraphs and stories. Life is too short to not share valuable and useful information, and life is way too short to not laugh during the journey. I plan to write about many things. Even if I am having one of my migraines, which I call “my-grains”, because it feels like only I get them sometimes. I will keep it positive. I might write about relaxation techniques that help headaches. I might blog about stress-busting techniques. Anything will be possible, and I promise to keep it positive. Negativity is everywhere and I defininetlely don’t need to contribute to it.

Sometimes I will just post a short story. Most of my short stories are non-fiction. Inspiration for stories comes from anywhere and at any moment.

I will also be posting exercise videos and workout routines for those interested.

Thanks again for your time. Have a great day and remember, just because you can digest it, doesn’t mean you should eat it.

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